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I have recently upgraded to Mavericks, I have a Mac Mini i7 with 16Gb Ram connected to a Thunderbolt Display. The graphics performace has become poor since installing Mavericks. While moving/dragging boxes around the screen the edges of the box become jagged and it appears that there is low frame rate. I have installed Mavericks on my MacBook Air with no problems so I am hoping that there is a simple solution.



MAC MINI SERVER (LATE 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I have the same setup, but unlike you my display has actually been better since the upgrade to Mavericks. The difference in our experinces would lead me to start lookikng at anything and everything else connected to the mini, especially anything running through one of the ports on the Thunderbolt display.

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    There are no other devices connected through the display. I do however have an Elgato TV plugged into USB port. I will unplug all atatched devices and see if the performance changes.

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    This is so bizarre. I have unplugged all device from the USB ports on the Mac Mini and the problem still exists. However while experimenting with different settings within Display I have discovered that if I set the display to rotate 180 degrees the fault disappears. There is no lag or latency with moving boxes on screen. When to screen reverts back to normal view the fault reappears.


    I have seen reports on Multi Display but this is a single Thunderbolt Display on a Mac Mini...