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Okay. So I wanted to switch from Firefox to Safari.


Importing my bookmarks and wanting (hoping) them to sync towards my iPad and iPhone.


What a frustration I am having! Really. Al the time, my bookmarks are jumping back & forth. It's like Apple's servers cannot handle my request and keep syncing my bookmarks to previous states!!


For example. I import my bookmarks. They show in an imported folder with the date mentioned. Now if I delete some folders or move some folders to the favorites bar... the magic starts. For some unclear and VERY frustrating reason my deleted folders shows up again and my filled favorites folder appears empty again!


Now my questions:


1. Does anyone else face the same issue?

2. Is it really that hard for Apple to get this right?? I mean, Firefox does it in a near perfect way so why do I have to take this low quality service from Apple??

3. Is there another way to get my bookmarks synced throughout all my devices?


iCloud stays rubbish so it seems. No use for anything good except for some iPages syncing. I do not trust the service for my trashcan so to say!!



SAFARI, OS X Mavericks (10.9)