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Hello All, I have updated to Mavericks on my home iMac that is a few years old, and a new one at work that is 6 months old. Everything was fine and then I updated to Aperture 3.5. Now on BOTH machines, I am able to see all of my images in browser view fine. In split view the images in the filmstrip at the bottom of the screen are still fine, but the main image being viewed is black. In full viewer the image is completely black. It will indicate loading, show all photo info at the bottom of the viewer, but load as a black image.I can use an external editor PS5 without issue. I have completed the three step for the library first aid. When opening Aperture, the image may flash on the screen for a split second, and then show as black.


Apple support only seemed interested in having me sign up for Apple Care, even though this is a software bug, so this left me a bit unhappy. As a photographer that really needs Aperture running correctly, I'm at a standstill and may need to move to Adobe as an emergency solution.

27" iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Aperture 3 ~ NIK Collection
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