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I don't know if this extends beyond network file copy, but I'm guessing it does....


Ok, so I'm trying to copy 350GB of files from my NAS to my iMac over a wired, gigabit ethernet link using CIFS. I started off last night, dragged the folder into a folder on my local hard drive and finder started the copy.


After a lot of deciding what to copy, it settled into copying some 80,000 files at a speed of about 25MB/sec according to Activity Monitor. So a bit slow, but I'm not too worried about that as the bottleneck could well be the ReadyNas Duo rather than the iMac.


What is bothering me is it's now 20 hours later, and the copy is still going on. I run multiple user accounts and it appears, when I return to the Login Window (as I usually do to let the kids log in or whatever), the file copy pretty much grinds to a halt and stops, regardless of whether anything else is going on. Then, when I go back to my account, I'll see it hasn't progressed much and the network traffic monitor will be static as well. After as much as a few minutes, the copy process resumes.


(At the moment, I'm watching it and it hasn't resumed in the entire time I've signed into the discussion forums and written this post, but I'm hopeful it will get moving again soon as I'm 297GB through the copy!)


I guess the simple question is why??? And how can I troubleshoot this to stop Mavericks skulking off while I'm not looking? I really haven't the time to sit in front of a computer and keep waggling the mouse every few minutes just to let it know I'm here while it copies data...

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9), 27" i5