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This has probably been asked 1000 times,  but I cannot find any good answers so here it is.  



WHY does FCPX  search and attempt to mount up every available disk drive that has  FCP files on it  ?  For instance -  we have a working directory /data/video  that has all our projects on it - that's where we want them to stay and its the only files we want to work with.  


Our backup system,  time machine and   version control system copy these files at various times to seperate directories on our network and  now every time  FCPX opens it tries to mount those files as well and we get a 10 inch long list of duplicate file errors.




Is there ANY way to  specify a working directory in FCPX so that the app STAYS in that directory and does not look elsewhere for files ?  



This seems absolutely ludicrous to me why Apple would do this.   I am sure I'm not the only one who has this issue.     We tried Event Manager X,   that app is a PITA as well and only a band -aid... is there a  better solution for this ?  



Anyone pressuring Apple for a fix ??    


This almost makes the product unusable -  as sometimes copy directories are mounted instead of the working directory - its a disaster waiting to happen.  



We are one step away from  converting everything to  Premiere...     the rest of my staff wants to go that way -  I like FCPX better but this directory thing may be its death knell. 



Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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            I complain about many thing in FCPx and would never use it in a truly professional setting but most of my complaints and this complaint of yours is a fundamental part of how FCPx manages files. Because FCPx is database driven it looks at the database to learn about everything in your event or project folder. If you manually copy those folders FCPx sees a duplicate that doesn't make sense.  FCPx is not FILE based. That's a critical issue that always has to be kept in mind.


         I also backup my FCPx files. I backup the entire HD that contains my FCPx files. In fact  I have two 2TB drives that contain various events and projects. I am, however, careful to mount a backup drive while FCPx is running. Nor do I boot FCPx when a backup is mounted.


         There are really good reasons to move to Premiere. And there are good reasons to give up on Premiere and move to FCPx.


       There is NO way to tell FCPx to "not look" on a drive, however if you simply put the Event folder and the Project folders into ANY other folder that is NOT at the root level, FCPx will not see them.


        There is a program called Event Manager that will allow you to do that easily, although you can also manually just drag the root level FCP Event folder and Project folder and put them into any other folder. As long as FCPx doesn't see and Event or Project folder at a root level it will not be confused.


       I think there are good reasons to choose another NLE, but this is a simple thing to work around and you will certainly trade this problem in FCPx for other problems in Premiere while you'll gain many other options in Premiere that don't exist in FCPx.


       Good luck with whatever route you choose.

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    You might look at the new iMovie database handling and see this as, what many are thinking, will be a road map for the next version of FCP in December.

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    I don't have 10.9 and won't get it quite yet. I find nothing when googling imovie 10 database. Any pointers to comments on the new database structure or thoughts on it?

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    Well database or whatever it is -  its pretty hosed up.  Media management would be so much better if we could simply specify a working directory for FCPX and have the app stay there and not go outside it.   I would  love to meet the mental monster who who thought that the current design was a good idea.    I can think of not even one  pro and about 20 cons  of  why doing it that way stinks.  I am sure I'm not alone.


    Sure we could eject  any backup drives or write some scripts to rename the directories temporarily during FCPX use but that is just dumb why we'd have to do that in the first place.  


    Yes, we do use  Event Manager X,   its OK at best,   we still get duplicate file errors because it does not work on network drives.   And copying gigabytes of files between folders is a waste of time as well.  


    We are Adobe CC subscribers -   we just downloaded Premiere .. we'll see.  I was resisting using it and perhaps we'll just  trade one pain for another but  its worth  checking out nonetheless -  and it  costs us nothing because we get it in the subscriber bundle.   


    Thanks for the response,  further comments or workarounds are much appreciated. 



    Overall FCPX is a nice video app,  love the motion and compressor apps -  but if we have to spend 15 minutes moving files around and renaming directories  just to open the working files  every time we run the app it simply won't be worth it.   




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    There has been a long, long thread on fcp.co about a prospective 10.1, which has been going on for some weeks. Near the end of the thread, after the release of Mavericks and the new iMovie, the discussion takes up the changes in that application. You can start at the beginning and read all the tea leaf gazing or pick it up about here.


    http://www.fcp.co/forum/4-final-cut-pro-x-fcpx/17725-fcpx-10-1-0-pre-release-dis cussion?start=440

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    This does not make any sense to me at all, the Events and Projects folders have to be in the Movies folder on the internal drive or in the root of an external drive, how do you have them in another folder and still see them in FCPX? Also, Time Machine automatically keeps it's copies in sub-folders, therefore they could not be seen by FCPX. In fact, FCPX knows if there's a Time Machine drive connected and will not even show working files stored on the root level.


    You say you can set the backup system to copy files to other drives, unless they are on the root, they do not show up in FCPX. All you have to do on any other dirve is have a folder where the backup always copies to so they are automatically eliminated in the Events and Projects lists.


    I'm trying to be nice in my reply, but I do not see the validity of your comments. The more I think about it, the more I feel this is just a ruse to make people think FCPX has a major flaw to dissuade them and push them to Premier.

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    Think what you'd like Mike,  


    I can't give you a screen shot,  but we have 6 volumes try to be mounted  by FCPX  


    We have a NAS device,   and TC that is being used as a backup disk, not a time machine 


    We have a RAID storage device attached directly to the computer  


    And we have an internal HD  RAID, and we have a working SSD drive.  



    We synchronize  all files across all drives for redundancy (some of our work is mission critical we back up everything in several ways using automation to be safe).       For simplicity purposes,  our system mirrors our production directory structure on all drives, that way in the event of a failure there is no need for a backup restore,  we just switch over.     And yes, it has saved us on several occasions. 


    So,  when we open FCPX  we see EVERY copy of the  FCPX files from EVERY  drive.


    It is  ROYAL pain in the _SS.   

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    @ Mike - one other thought    Events and Projects definitely DO NOT have to be in the Movies folder.  Ours in fact are in /FCPX      Even if it had to be in /Movies  if several drives had the /Movies directory then FCPX  for whatever reason goes out and finds them, and tries to mount them.     It is ludicrous why it does this.  



    We have tried to use  Event Manager X,  it works with local drives but not network drives...   craziness. 

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    Hi sixgunaz, sorry to crash this thread like this, but your advice on how to overcome Mac Pro's awful BT was the most helpful thing I ever found on the internet: https://discussions.apple.com/message/10740694#10740694 . If I knew how to contact you directly I surely would. As you may know, the recent 10.8.5 update totally ruined the BT-fix that you recommended. I know this is a long-shot and again, I apologize for my lousy netiquette here, but would you happen to know how to solve this problem that so many experience now, for instance here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5304985 ?



    All the best


    Alex, Sweden

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    @ Alex - no worries -  scroll down in that post -  the BT fix I recommended was abandoned a few posts later.  The ony real fix to that problem was to run an external antenna from the BT board.    Nothing else fixed the issue and like you said -  the external solutions stopped working each time OSX was updated.    The antenna is a $5 solution and its a permanent fix.    Mac Pro BT is a poor design ...  no doubt about it, but at least the fix was simple.


    Good luck!

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    Great, do you think I could use any of these:


    http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=external+BT+antenna&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_tr ksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.Xexternal+bluetooth+antenna&_nkw=external+ bluetooth+antenna&_sacat=0


    or could you recommend any others on eBay or any other sites?





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    You don't need the board - the MP already has one -  you need this :


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-922-7773-Mac-Pro-Bluetooth-Antenna-MacPro-MacPro-8 x-/390369760435?pt=US_Directional_Network_Antennas&hash=item5ae3d9d4b3dd


    disconnect the old POS that is on the antenna terminal,  and connect this,  route outside the box and your're done. You will have to enlarge one of the vent holes just slightly to pass the coax connector through it...

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    OK thanks,


    I checked it out but the sellers thought it wouldn't fit my mid-2012 mac pro. Any other suggestions?