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I had an iphone 4 and had a Facetime account where facetime calls could be reached by my phone number. I got rid of my account because I didn't use it that much. I just got a new iphone 5s and because there was no facetime account on my old iphone, the facetime app did not transfer to my new iphone 5s at the verizon store. There is no option to set up a Facetime account in the settings, and when I make a phone call there is a facetime icon, but it will not let me click on it. The person at the verizon store said to sinc my phone to my itunes account and the facetime app will go back onto my phone. I did that and nothing has changed. I really want to use Facetime again and would love to know how to reactivate it.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3