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Hi guys,


Can anyone tell me if it's possible to copy or extract the imap folders from an email account on a OSX mailserver (mac mini with OSX 10.7 Server) without having the domain working?


I'm dealing with a server move from one fysical location to another where the domain (mail.mydomain.com) is stil pointing to the old location. On the new location I'm behind all sorts of firewalls and routers and I'm planning to use another mail setup so I won't be using this mailserver anymore, but I forgot to backup a few imap folders before the move. I'm wondering if there is any way of copying these folders some way or another. I can't get them thru the Finder I guess because they are in a database format.


I hope there is someone who can point me in the right direction.


Thanx in advance,




Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Why don't you simply connect a client system when it's in the new physical location and extact the mail from that? You can even do it in Mail on the server itself if you wish.

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    Hi Infinite Vortex, thanx for your reply! When I tried this yesterday it did not work, all accounts gave the offline sign next to it in the mail client, so I guessed this was due to the wrongly configured domain.


    Today I changed the DNS Zone entry on the Mac to the new IP of the machine on the local network. After your reply, I tried to restart the Mac and the mail service, and now it does work! Whatever it was, your reaction led me to solve my problem so many thanx for that!