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My iPhone 4S uses the correct # and so did my ipad up until about a month ago. That's when my daughter got her new 5C and it was set up. She's only 10, so they set it up under my appleID, now her phone # is showing up on my Ipad as the number to send messages to. She is receiving all my text and I hers.


How do I change the number back to mine on the ipad?


Thank you

iPad, iOS 7.0.3
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    Try this on both you and your daughters iPhones:


    1. go to settings>messages>send and receive

    2. tap on the Apple ID and sign out

    3. turn iMessage off and wait 10 seconds

    4. turn iMessage on

    5. this should activate iMessage with the iPhones own numbers

    6. now only you sign into the Apple ID for iMessage


    This should revert back to only your number and email showing as the contact info for iMessage and you both should not receive eachothers messages. Your daughter will still be able to iMessage but only with her number unless she creates another Apple ID just for iMessage.


    Note: Only do steps 1-4 for the iPad

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    Well done and zillions of thanks for the clear explanation. None of the other wheezes worked for me! It figgered that iTunes would need to be invoked and sure enough...

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    Hi..i also need help please...I got a new iphone5..Now, my phone number is showing as "Unknown" in settings>phone>my number...

    Also, i can not send any outgoing sms...it is beacuse (as i think) that iMessage has a number saved which is not my number and can not be changed...same is happening with Facetime as well..


    I read ur post and I removed my apple id from send & receive and then turned off imessage...now, my imessage is stuck on waiting for activation...even after restart


    please help....

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    Problem here too.  I recently switched providers from O2 to EE, and that meant I put a new sim in the phone with a temporary number, then ported my old number via a PAC code.


    Problem is, iMessage is showing that temporary number on everything and no way to attach my real number which I've had for 20+ years.  It was working fine before the new sim and now people are complaining that they don't recognise me when I message them!

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    I simply went into settings>phone and tapped on my number at top and changed it to my ported number from temporary one. I then switched iMessage off then on and voila. iMessage has reverted back to my original number.