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  • 135. Re: AirPlay music streaming stops between songs
    nerfTractor Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If anything it's worse. Not only do I always update software as soon as it's released, I have updated hardware, too. Now using a 3TB Time Capsule, Macbook Pro Retina and Apple TV 3. Changed ISP's in there, too, and always the highest available broadband throughput, not that that really affects intra-LAN performance. Same sorry performance across the board. Only now, songs will skip in the middle, halt randomly in mid-cue or just go into beach-ball "loading" mode with no warning or means to reconfigure. You rewind or fast forward and the software figures it out. But just playing your music uninterrupted? Forget it.

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    Not sure then why all of a sudden things are working for me. I don't remember changing any settings, just the updates. This was such an enfuriating issue for years, I was seriously considering quitting Apple altogether. I'm having a party tonight, and have been streaming the playlist all over the house for 4 hours seamlessly. I'm going to leave it playing until the party is over and see what happens.

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    The only other difference I can think of between then and now is that I switched from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. I find it hard to believe that that could have been the cause of the dropouts. I don't normally stream from the phone.

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    I spoke to soon. The dropouts are still occurring, though Nita's frequently. I had one dropout at a party last weekend, and on this morning. Those are the only dropouts I've had for a few months. I used to have several daily.

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    I have no clue what I've done or how, but this problem seems to be at bay for now. All the hardware is the same but I am at a new apartment with a different ISP. Everything is still wired connection with ethernet, Macbook Pro Retina talking to Apple TV 3 with music externaly on a giant Time Capsule.


    Fingers crossed. It's scary that I have no idea why the dropouts have gone away (for now). But it seems like they have.

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    I will add that lately my Netgear WNDR 3700 router has been awful. I might spring and pay the $5 for the inSSIDer to find out why. My 5 ghz bandwidth especially stalls out frequently, which is the frequency my MBP is hooked up with. It's gotten so bad lately that I'm losing the signal midsong as well as at the end of the songs. This is only through iTunes; the same does NOT occur when streaming from iPad or iPhone.

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    I'm still having this trouble, expecially since I updated iTunes for iOs 7...really bored of this trouble...songs drops randomly everytime....please Apple, help!

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    So my wife and I were doing house work today, each with iPhone 5s and each doing airplay two different airports. When my airplay started to act up , I went upstairs to find hers was doing the same! Really Apple, fix this issue! My internal network is 1 airport extreme, 2 express(joining), 2 Appletvs, 2 iPads, 1 iPod touch, a Mac pro(wired), and two iPhones everything else was off. The wan is fios. Never the less fix our issue apple or come get your logo out of here.....

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    I'm convinced that AirPlay has somehow upped its bandwitdh requirement, mainly because I've noticed that my Router seems overwhelmed when these dropouts are occurring. Mobile devices will lose connectivity or the Internet becomes extremely slow. A good example is my Remote App won't connect to itunes during a dropout or there is significant lag between hitting play/pause/forward/back and a response from the AirPlay device.

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    Apple can in no way not know about this problem its been going on for so long. The fact they still have not put out a fix for it when it effects so many users world wide show their standard approach to customer support for their products. It is why they will become a fast dying company if they dont change their approach. Their iPhone sales is already show this. APPLE fix the **** problem.

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    Since I upgraded to Mavericks my dropouts troubles are always present!! Every maximum 30 seconds the music streamed from my iMac via an Airport Extreme and two Airport Express in the home to Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin Air continously drops each and every song!


    The troubles are more evident if in the meanwhile I surf the web on safari.


    It seems to me like a bottleneck: really frustrating.

    Everytime there is an upgrade I do it, hoping for the best but expecting the worst.


    Regularly the worst happens: now it is for me impossibile to listen to any song without dropouts.

    I registered that dropouts are of two different types:


    1) one during the songs. This one has a certain regularity: 7 seconds from the start of the track, 30 seconds...then every 30 seconds more.

    2) music seems to continue to play on the time bar, but randomly stops between a song and another of the same album. Certainly I NEVER listened to an entire album without any dropout in the last year!!


    By the way I thought there were troubles because of the wifi module of my iMac. I unluckily discovered it's not a trouble of wifi module: I think it's a software trouble, never solved.


    Infact the trouble remains even if I use an ethernet cable direct linked to the airport extreme.


    Why do I think is to tribute to my iMac? Because the troubles are present even if I want to stream to the apple tv or to a hi-fi linked to an airport express. Same troubles.

    In practice: with the iMac, iTunes can be used only if you want to listen music from the iMac speaker (really low quality!).

    Otherwise you can't.


    So the only way to play music to the bower and wilkins is from iPad and iPhone. Same thing to the apple tv.


    Really thanks Apple. Never solved troubles.


    And I'm really affictionated customer: an iMac, a Mac Book Air, 1 airport extreme, 2 airport express, an iPad mini, an iPad Retina, an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5s, an apple tv, a Zeppelin Air....no words to say thanks....

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    Mavericks really messed up my MBP. I couldn't play a single song. I have since purchased an imac. Problem still persisted. My music is on a network drive. What solved it? I changed my iTunes library location in preferences to my local drive. My music is still on the network but this slight change had made a world of difference

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    I received a phone call from Apple: they told me that I had to download again Mavericks without wi-fi, but wired. I installed it again: the truth is that they do not know where to put their hands: they did not discover the troubles.


    Anyway I was frightened of being the only one having those new troubles.


    To avoid this trouble I forced myself halloween night passing a new ethernet cable to the studio where the iMac is located...really boring, awful...and there's a cable more going round on the walls....anyway the bottleneck is avoided.

    Now I can randomly have dropouts just between one track and another...


    Surprise...just while I was writing the phrase above a new dropout in the middle of a song of Jimmy Sommerville happened....I guess the troubles are almost solved...but not at all: even with a wired connection...


    So Apple...why did I buy all this airplay stuff??? I simply gave a lot of money away: airplay and itunes for me are fanstastic ideas....maybe fantasy and science...because...they do not function well...issues, issued, and again issues...


    The last one issue that really made me crazy is the iTunes Match mismatch between songs described here:



    So, when I play The Model of Kraftwerk mistiriously the track played is Beach Boys Wouldn't It Be Nice!!...the really funny thing is that I'm not the only one having the same issue, with the same songs!!!....ridicoulous if you are listening to a great Kraftwerk synth album...I like Beach Boys too but enough is enough!

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    So now I contacted Apple and reported all the troubles with airplay. The technical support sent me a program to do a small video of the troubles I'm experiencing (I do play this program that keeps a lot of information of my system). Then I have to send those files to the apple engineers via a form from which I upload these files....and now...let's see if they'll solve it. I'm really anxious to see if Apple can do it.


    Unluckily reproducing the random dropouts between songs is not easy, even because you can't send files bigger than 1 gb..and with a small movie of 3 mins...I'm sending 80 Mb to them...

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    I'm just going to chime in to say I have the same problem:


    • Song appears to be "playing" - iTunes shows progress through the song timeline - but nothing comes out of the AirPlay connected device (in my case, the latest generation AirPort Express hanging on the network wirelessly and connected to my stereo receiver).
    • My iTunes library is on my Time Capsule hard drive.
    • I'm running iTunes on my iMac, which is ethernet wired to the Time Capsule router.
    • I had this problem a few years ago, but it went away completely with an update. It has returned with a vengeance after the Mavericks update (iTunes got updated at the same time).


    Same deal for me: If I am near the iMac or connect using Remote on my iPhone, I just hit the back arrow to the beginning of the song, and it broadcasts to the AirPlay connected device.


    I have Airfoil, and I remember defaulting to that in the past when this was occurring, but it is a pain.