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Mavericks was working perfectly until last night )Nov 4) suddenly finder keeps crashing and restarting itself and all my iOS devies are flickering when plugged n - it's really annoying everytime I have something full screen it gets shunted to the background and I'm back at my desktop - I am SO not  a tech person can someone please help a clueless mac user?

imac 24, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    I'm also experiencing the same issue with my Finder on OS X 10.9. It started yesterday on my end too.


    Finder windows that have recently been opened close themselves shortly after and the icons on the desktop disappear very briefly and then come back as if the Finder was restarting itself.


    If somebody knows about this, we'd be grateful for a tip.



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    Using Google Drive? Here's your culprit. Go to the Google Drive preferences (right-click the menu bar icon) and disable "show file sync status icons". Found this solution in a similar discussion and works great for me: no more Finder restarts.

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    I can confirm that that seems to have done the trick.


    Thanks Laario.

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    In the menue bar. Click on the triangle "Google Drive icon". Choose settings. Disable "Show file sync status icon". Restart and you are back in business.