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    400oz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was just in the Apple Regents St store and talked to the store manager about the 5s rattling on my replacement phone. He denied that the on/off button rattles despite it being obvious. He claimed it's the camera lenses and is design feature. It was totally obvious he was lying. But they are being paid to lie, being employees. But it's disappointing from Apple. I believe the Apple staff have been told to lie about the rattling since it's such a pervasive issue.


    Unacceptable Steve Jobs would have gone ballistic over this.


    T Cook is a total c .....fly in the gaps as you think appropriate...

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    400oz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This rattling issue requires a recall. All discussion forums should be centralised somehow since the apple employee even arrogantly lie that the issue isn't being widely discussed on discussion boards.


    I'm sick of this lying from apple and personally I am going to complain to the UK consumer rights organisations


    This requires a campaign on Facebook or similar so as to force apple to do something about it..


    Does anyone know of existing campaigns?

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    Interdimension Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    While I'm all for campaigning for recalls or some sort of compensation (or remedy), I did manage to overcome this rattling problem since I first created this thread.


    To those who require an immediate fix, cut a tiny slip of paper (ex. post-it note) and cover one side/half of the power button. Now tape it down. Make sure the paper slip is strongly applied on before taping it down. This remedy takes a few tries (heck, it took me almost an hour to get it down to making zero rattle at all whilst still being functional), but it's worth it in the end.


    Unfortunately, this DIY workaround is only practical for those of us with cases (I use Speck's Candyshell) that cover the power button. I know many of you prefer using your iPhone bare, so this doesn't work for you for aesthetic and technical reasons (i.e. the paper slip will fall off from constant touching/rubbing with your pocket, etc.). I am honestly still speechless by how such a major design flaw was overlooked by Apple.


    Good luck to everyone in getting Apple to do something about this, since I doubt they care at this point. If anything, they'll respond that it's "normal" and "within spec", just as they did with the scuffing of the iPhone 5 last year.

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    richard Makarewicz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, as I posted earlier, I just got my replacement handset from my telco - Telstra in Oz.


    Guess what?


    The power button rattles, no differently to the original (silver 64GB) - at least the blemish on the casing isn't there.


    Fortunately, it sounds like my example of rattle-gate isn't as bad as others who posted here, and the power button works fine BUT, as we know, this is an expensive bit of kit, talked up by Apple as superb design and construction.


    The button shouldn't rattle, and IF the rattle comes through on videos, then that takes it to the next level - a clear fault which needs replacement - that sort of glitch is not within tolerances. It is a glaring and obvious fault justifying replacement. My rattle doesn't record on vids thank goodness.


    In terms of my past experience with Apple, the stock Genius Bar response always starts with: "Well, it works fine. What's the issue? Cosmetic? Well, there will always be fine variations in production batches. Did you drop it? Did you stir your coffee with it?" ... and so forth.


    The legal position on this IMO is unclear. If the button rattles but is otherwise 100% functional without any other side-effects so to speak, then I doubt you would succeed in a legal action against Apple, but then, I'm not a  lawyer - just yet.


    Rattle-gate is not the same thing as Antenna-gate where functionality was clearly impaired and conceded by Apple and sorted.


    If not already, then down the track - within the 12 month warranty period, IF the power button rattle begins to affect the functionality of its purpose, then that is another matter: replacement is mandatory (unless you use it to stir your coffee or use it as a hockey puck).


    I'm keeping my replacement, putting it in Apple 5S case (nice kit) and observing. It will be interesting to see as this issue unfolds over the coming weeks and months.


    Good luck.

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    J0em Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Got a replacement 5s yesterday in Toronto, my previous phone's black bezel around the flash was seperating from the device, no power button rattle. New 5s power button rattles as everyone else has described in this thread. Going back tomorrow and will see what they can do, I've never had this problem with previous devices.

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    I ordered  a 5S 64Gb on release day and received a week 39 unit. The power button rattled and I was told there should be no rattles by Applecare.  Didn't want to risk a re-manufactured "as new" geniusbar replacement so returned for refund.  I ordered another unit a couple of weeks later and received a week 42 unit.  The power button rattles and it's really annoying.  Contacted Apple and was now told it is an intentional part of design. Seriously ! 


    It's either poor design or manufacture but it's unacceptable on a premium product. My earlier iphones don't rattle and I don't expect a new model should either.


    Very disappointed with my latest Apple experience particularly after seeing and reading their marketing material about attention to detail.   The latest 5S unit is also being returned for refund.


    Come on Apple please fix the issue.

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    xray george Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Returned mine and got a full refund.

    Unfortunately no notes were taken why I wanted a refund.


    I'll wait for a fix and then get a new one. In the mean time my iPhone 5 works like a charm and it's so much reliable than the iPhone 5s. Heck the iPhone 5c seems good too....

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    400oz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    When I brought back my rattling 5s, the store manager in Regent Street, London ( yes, actually the guy who says he runs the whole flagship store), when eventually he made notes to give me a refund, he was particularly careful not to mention the rattling issue and in a snake like way noted that the phone did not live up to my expectations due to camera lens issue which is their official BS excuse etc...


    This is beyond reprehensible, this serpentine snakelike deceptive behaviour from apple employees.

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    Mattoligy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am currently on my third iPhone 5s with this loud sleep button rattle! The rattle is so loud it completely ruins video recordings and is noticeable in everyday use also, including when making calls! My first unit was from Phones4u here in the UK and my second unit was a "brand new" refurb from the Apple Store in Lakeside and my third and current unit was re-ordered for store delivery so that I could get a genuinely new and sealed unit! I waited nearly two weeks for it and guess what, it's the worst of all three! If I had purchased this phone outright and it was not on contract, I would be returning it for a refund and never buying an Apple product again! These problems on products of this price range just keep happening and it's unbelievable! £710 phone and I have to clean it directly after unboxing it as it comes with dirty marks all over it lol, apple is just a joke, and it's the same on their laptops, iPads etc etc... Then when you take them back to the store, you get treated like a nuisance and patronised! This experience has stopped me from buying an iPad Air and will likely stop me from ever purchasing an Apple product Ever again! I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it at this point and just write the phone off as useless or if I'm going to continue to fight for my, and all of our rights! To be honest, I don't see why I should have to waste my time...

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    o840ay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bought yesterday ... in official store ... and same problem.

    Power & Volume buttons rattle ... it's like buttons more smaller than holes on iPhone.



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    Wissam.Al-ashaq Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Today I recieved my iPhone 5s space greay 32gb from Celcom malaysia,  upon unboxing and checking the phone I was shocked and indeed the power button is rattling like crazy. I am so sad after long waiting.. i found this big design error.  Samsung guys are making fun of us..

    Apple please replace  my defected iPhone to rattle free set.

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    John P. Level 4 Level 4 (1,145 points)

    First world problems, I guess.


    • I've owned two iPhone 4's (not 4S), and the power/sleep button "rattled" on those. (I still have my 4 as a backup, it still works great, too)
    • My 4S button rattles, does does my wife's 4S.
    • My iPhone 5 (work) power button rattles.
    • My new 5S (Personal; Grey, 32GB) that just came fresh from China two days ago also rattles.


    Anecdote: The only iPhone my family or I have had that doesn't have a rattling button was my wife's year and a half old iPhone 4S (white, 32GB)--it stopped rattling when the button stopped responding; it was literally "stuck" and did not move. The spring wore out or something on the phone; she has AppleCare on it, took it to the store, and it was replaced under warranty in less than 10min. It really could not have been easier. Anyway, the new phone power button (one week old) on her replacement 4S "rattles" so I would hardly see this as something unique to any one iPhone.


    By design? Probably but for me I guess I just expect it. I've owned two non-iPhones phones (Galaxy Note and Samsung Focus), and both had "rattling" yet plastic power buttons--the only reason we hear it on the iPhone (I think) is because it is metal but that's just my tertiary observation.


    Advice: Enjoy your phones guys.... :-) If you hate it so much, just return it and get a different brand.

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    Ginola1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    None of my previous Iphones, iphone 3g, 4s etc have ever rattled this 5s feels cheaper, and rattles...

    I Cannot buy a different brand as invested too much in apps, needless to say,


    I dont accept that a £700 product should rattle like a childs toy sorry.

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    joeluken Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    None of my earlier iPhones power buttons rattle either.


    Just in the process of returning my second 5S 64gb for refund.

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    asdfsaffda Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @John P. Sorry but I also own and/or work with quite a few phones as my business is in the software industry. Nexus 5 no rattle. Blackberry q10 -- built solid, not button rattles. Iphone 5 -- No Rattle (on mine at least) ... iPhone 4s and 4 -- no ratltle -- Moto X -- No rattle  ... The one personal phone that I do not use for work, an iPhone 5s, bought full price -- rattles loud and all the time ...


    I paid almost 1000 dollars after taxes for mine ... I expect a little bit better craftmanship, and everybody else here should, too, when this is clearly a defect.


    Has anybody been able to get it swapped by able for a phone that doesn't rattle? I posted a few weeks back, but have not went into apple because I don't want to get a different phone if I am going to get the same issue. Anybody have any luck?


    Apple needs to address this. I just took a video of my 2 kids at Halloween with their costumes on and everything and the video is completly ruinied by that clicking noise that is coming from the loose sleep button. Please don't try to convince me that it is the lense. It isnt. It's the button that rattles.


    And it is a defect, plain and simple. Apple needs to address those affected.