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Just curious whether or not anyone else is having a problem with their macbook touchpad button. Mine is very "squishy" and doesn't have the firm "click" as did my previous. You have to be very deliberate when selecting items and really press hard or thump it to get it to work.
I am thinking its an issue and that I should return it to the Soho Apple store, however I really dislike that store. They are awful. If their techs don't think its a problem after a 30 second evaluation they will not exchange it, even thought it is only 2 days out of the box. And I will have to pay a 10% restocking fee if I want it exchanged or I keep a defective machine.
Anyone else have issues with the apple store in Soho?


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    I'm finding the same thing. The click on my PB is very positive but the MB is kinda vague. Anyone else having issues?

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    I have two MB's one has a crisp trackpad button while the other had a mushy button. I fixed the mushy button quite easily. Take out the battery and look at the metal panel directly underneath the trackpad button. You'll see a circular indention in the metal. If you press lightly on the indention and at the same time press on the trackpad button you'll notice that the trackpad button's response is more crisp (at least mine was). I just pressed on the spot a few times to force the metal to bow every so slightly (not perceptible to the eye). Now my button clicks quite nicely across the entire button.
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    Hey, everyone,

    I have a user who is having the EXACT same issue with his trackpad button. He's taken it back to the Apple Store, and they told him, "oh, it's just like that. Deal."

    If that's Apple's take on how to ship new models out to users, I'm keeping my 1.5 GHz aluminum PowerBook...

    Get on the ball, Apple. Fix this.

    Pretty please.
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    I had this same problem with my BlackBook, and the folded piece of paper fixed it.

    Just hope the heat from the laptop (65C while running Adium and iTunes) doesn't ignite it.

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