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Hello everyone,


I am posting here because I am in desperate need of a solution.


My Macbook Pro (Early 2011) is running painfully slow. I've scoured the all over the web for solutions, but none actually worked for me.  I also considered buying 8GB of RAM to speed it up, but I want to use that as a last resort.  For what I am using the computer for, 4GB should be plenty.  The computer isn't even that old! I mainly use Microsoft Word, Pages, and Safari on my Mac. These programs are not that intense and should not make my Mac struggle.


To give you some examples of my Mac's slowness: it takes MINUTES for it to boot up completely-- now I rarely power it down, simply copying and pasting text from a website into a document causes the color wheel to pop up and takes about 5 seconds for the text to actually paste, safari takes about a minute to launch after being quit.  These are only a few examples of many on how slow this Mac is.


I have checked Activity Monitor (before and after Mavericks).  Under the Memory Tab, the Pie Chart(in Mountain Lion) was mostly red and yellow- not good.  I always had about 1 GB of Swap used (in Mountain Lion).  Now in Mavericks (which I find very hard to understand Activity Monitor) it shows that (with only safari open) 3.93 GB of memory is being used.


Also under storage in "About this Mac," I have about 120GB of "other."  I don't know if this can be a cause.  I've cleaned out my documents and completely erased all of my downloads.


If you need anymore information let me know.



Attached are screen shots of activity monitor.


Thank You!!!



Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.18.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.21.01 PM.png


MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    The png files you reference didn't appear, but maybe I can move you in the right direction.


    I agree that 4GB RAM is perfectly fine for most users. Judging from your text, you might want to go to Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor, and pay special attention to items in Disk, CPU, and Network. If you notice anything that's consistenly high, you can deactivate items. If, say, an application is taking 100% of your resources, that's a warning.


    Activity Monitor doesn't have any directions. You've got to find the hot items and see what's causing the problem. But you'll see it there, I'll guarantee it.


    There's also a possibility that your disk is full. If your HD is packed, it's going to run very slowly. In that case, your best option would be to move files to an external hard drive, or delete them.

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    Thank you for responding.


    From the time I posted this question and now, my Mac has gotten even slower.


    Safari takes about 2 minutes to launch and when it does, it doesn't respond.  When I try to open Firefox, it bounces for a few seconds and then stops, but doesn't actually open. Microsoft Word bounces for about a minute and a half and then just gives up and acts like nothing every happened. 


    It seems like 3rd party apps don't open at all and native apps (like safari) open, but don't respond or are extremely slow).  Activity monitor and Finder seem to work after a few seconds.


    At this point, my Mac is basically useless.  I have to update this thread via my iPad.  I really want this fixed and am open to any suggestions.


    I checked storage and I have "130.14 GB free out of 319.21 GB."


    In activity monitor my CPU percents are: System: 0.57-2.9%, User: 0.30-2.5% and Idle: 90+%. 

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    After restarting the Mac, it is no where near as slow as mentioned above.  It is still slower than it should be.

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    The slowness wasn't caused by Mavericks; it was already slow beforehand.  Mavericks did slow it down a little bit though.

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    The slowness may be caused by the new features on iOS7. Certainly, the information gleaned from your system is perfectly normal.


    The slight slowness may be an annoyance, but you might want to take advantage of declining SSD prices and install one. Instead of a boot time of 45 seconds, you can boot in 10-20 seconds. In Dealmac, I see deals on SSDs nearly every day. I can assure you: the speed will amaze you. I already have a 512GB SSD on my MBP, and I'm not looking back.

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    I have the same MacBook Pro with the same problems...I takes 3-5 minutes to boot up and then 2 more minutes to load all without the deadly colorfull wheel. I've done a lot of things, even reinstall Mavericks after erasing all data and transfer it from an external hard drive(copied with Time Machine) and the problem is still there. I was planing to upgrade to 8Gb of Ram and an SSD with 256 or more...but what happend if the problem remains in my Mac?

    Hope Apple or someone could help with this performance problems.

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    I have a MPB early 2011, 13' inch, i7, 500HD which I use for audio recording. How do I change the HD to SSD? Whats the best SSD on the market?

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    I can’t recommend a “best” solution but here are some reliable sources and you can look at the various prices and search this forum for comments on a particular model.  I recommend purchasing SSDs from Crucial.com or OWC (macsales.com).  Their products are known to work well in Macs.  The Samsung Pro series has also received positive reviews.



    People have reported problems using the the Samsung EVO series, the Toshiba Q Series and the Kingston SSDNow V300 SSDs.





    Also check the recommendations in the following URL on

    Upgrading Your MacBook Pro with a Solid State Drive (SSD)



    TRIM the SSD using Trim Enabler.  (You will need to repeat TRIM step after every OS upgrade, including .1 upgrades.)


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    Hey guys,


    Want to chime in here that my 13-inch, Early 2011 i7 with 8gb ram is underperforming as well.

    I went in to the Apple Store and turned out my battery was at 14% of original capacity. They said that this could very well be the culprit, however after swapping it out with a new battery - the performance issues still stands...


    I have all the symptoms that you guys are mentioning + that simple WebGL sites are rendering weird things sometimes and the FPS is way below what this machine should handle on paper.


    To test it out, this site runs in 60fps on my Girlfriends Macbook Air early 2012 - http://liketodeath.com/ on mine, it barely goes over 15fps then it crashes the browser.


    Im starting to suspect that this is a defect in the Early 2011 models...

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    hi everyone,


    i have the exact same problem. I got the higher end 13 inch mbp early june 2011. In the past few months it's been painfully slow. Takes about 2 minutes to boot up, safari, itunes, mail all take about 30 seconds to open, switching between tabs in safari often gives me the spinning beach ball - it just lags, its painful. I've resorted to pretty much only having safari and mail open, having anything else open is just pointless. My housemates have the older white macbook's and it's as slow as theirs. I've tried everything, resetting the pram and smc work a little bit for a short amount of time but then it just goes straight back to being slow. Do a lot of people experience this with the early 2011 mbp's? Has anyone found a solution or anything that makes it better? So frustrating to invest a lot of money in a product I was told would last a long time and be useful but this feels like it's on its last legs... I was an avid apple user but this is so frustrating.

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    Hi everyone, I've already fix it. First I made a hand backup of all my data without Time Machine, copying foder by folder(only documents, downloads, images, music, videos, webs, shared, etc). Then, I've restart the system to enter the restore partition(start and push option key), enter Disk Utility to erase the entire partition with the second secure option, not the fastest one. Then re-install OS X and configure your session, put your account and then transfer the folders to your new system, configure your accounts, etc. I know, it's worksome but it really works, you're gonna notice that when you enter your session or open a lot of applications. I have my MacBook Pro 13 inch since early 2011 and I was planning to change it because that problem I have, but now I'm planning to stay with my Mac for two years more. Hope it helps you.

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    I've had this issue as well.   When I bought the Macbook it was fine and worked well.  When I upgraded to Lion, the whole user experience went out the window.  I've had all of the problems that people have mentioned here and tried everything to fix it.  I was even contemplating getting a new Macbook Pro as I use this machine when on the road.


    Instead, I installed 16Gb of RAM (yes, I know it only should support 8, but it does 16) which improved things to some degree.  This weekend I installed a SSD which breathed a whole new life into the machine.  The crappy 5400RPM disk is the problem and given that I installed 512Gb (more than nearly 200Gb more than the machine shipped with) for about AUD$400, it's more than worth it.   You guys in the US will get it for less than that.


    Do it, you'll thank yourselves.

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