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I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet which, as the title says, drags info I've input on one spreadsheet page into another (info to be displayed in a drop down list).


How do I do this?  Simplistic terms please as I'm not a regular user of Numbers.


I'm using most recent version of Numbers (Mac) if this helps.

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    Hi Fookes,


    It sounds as if you are looking for a lookup function. Here is an example:



    What the formula in C2 of Table 1 does is look at the value in column A and grab the value from the Amount column of Table 2.


    The tables can be on different sheets if you want.


    Check out VLOOKUP in the formula browser at the right for some examples on how this works.


    If you don't need to lookup things but just want to "pull" values directly from a cell in one table to a cell in another, in the destination table you would just type = and then click the source cell in the source table. It will then update automatically whenever you change the value in the source table.



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    Thanks for your detailed response.  Much appreciated.


    The first part of what you've written sounds exactly what I'm after.  Here's the info I'm trying to use in place of your example above:


    In Table 1 (Mine is called Client Records f.y.i.) A1 cell is 'part code' and B1 is Part Name as shown below -


    Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 15.15.40.png


    In Table 2 (Mine is called Replacement Products f.y.i.) I have 2 merged cells (E&F 4) which shows code -


    Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 15.20.38.png

    I want to be able to type code (or preferably have codes already in place on drop down list in Table 1 (Client Records) which, when selected, would then add product type associated with it - say selecting PAD1 in drop down would pull though iPad Digistiser to cell under 'Part Name' column.  Make sense?


    How would I do that? 


    Also, you details VLOOKUP in formula browser.  I'm not seeing that.  As I say, I'm newish to this so could you point me in the right direction?


    Thanks again.