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Hello everyone! I am experiencing weird sound with my wireless headphones. I have LG HBS-730, they're brand new. They allow me to place calls, use Siri and listen to my music all wirelessly. When I place a call everything sounds perfect! Sounds on both ears are perfectly balanced. However, when I listen to any audio on safari, music or third party apps, the left headphone just decreases the volume to a point that I can hardly hear. Its like the headphones are defective. I thought it was a headphone problem, tried resetting it a couple of times but no luck. Restarted the iPhone but still no luck. I tried listening to music using an iPad and it worked flawlessly. I believe its a software issue. Has anyone experienced this? How do I fix this problem? iPad is an iPad 4, 32 GB Wi-Fi+LTE if it matters and its running the latest iOS version, 7.0.3. Both the iPhone and iPad are up to date.






iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3, Verizon, CDMA wLTE