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My wife has a 16G iPad2. I have a 32G iPad2. We want to trade in her 16G for a new 32G iPad Air.

Then I would use the Air and she would take ownership of my 32G iPad2.

How do we go about the data change?

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    It's all been covered in this thread. Good luck and enjoy the new iPad!

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    I use iTunes so that's how I'm familiar with doing it.


    Hook the 16 gig 2 up to your computer and iTUnes and do a full sync and backup. Unplug it and set it aside. Plug in your 32 gig 2 and do the same.


    Buy your Air and go through the setup procedures. WHen you are faced with the choice to 'set up as new or restore from backup' choose the latter and restore your Air from the backup of the 32 gig iPad 2.


    Poke around and verify that everything is on there. (you will need to set up wifi, etc, but the data should transfer over.


    Once you're happy that your Air is a clone of your 32 gig, go into the settings of your 32 gig and 'erase all content and settings'. THis puts it back to 'out of box' state. Then go through the setup procedures for the 32 gig 2 just like you did the air. Except this time restore your 32 gig 2 from the backup of the 16 gig 2. Basically using iTUnes to clone her old 16 gig onto her 'new to her' 32 gig.


    Once you're happy that the 32 gig has everything on it, you can take the 16 gig, do the 'erase all content and settings' and wipe it clean and then you can sell the 16 gig if you want. Or however you want to handle it.

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    Look at this link.

    Giving your former iPad to a spouse or family member: the quick guide

    http://www.tuaw.com/2012/03/17/giving-your-former-ipad-to-a-spouse-or-family-mem ber-the-quick/


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     Cheers, Tom