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Hi.  Longtime user of Aperture, since v 1.5, and iOS, since the very first iPhone.  I'm currently on the latest versions of all software, for Aperture, Mavericks, iOS and AppleTV.


I have several hundred projects and several hundred smart albums in my Aperture library, and I've always enjoyed being abe to display my photography by syncing to my iPhone, my iPad and AppleTV.   I have never found the iPhone and iPad syncing to work to my satisfaction, but ultimately I've been able to get it to pretty much work.  I'm now struggling with an issue that I cannot resolve.


Everything syncs fine with Apple TV.


However, when syncing via iTunes to both my iPhone 5 and my iPad 2, I get all sorts of issues - in that many pictures simply don't sync.  For instance, I have a smart album called "Favorites - People" - but only 125 of 162 pictures in the Aperture smart album appears in the iPad album.  For my "Favorites  - Great Outdoors" smart album, only 42 of 53 appear in the iPad.  I'm having these kinds of problems in many, many of my smart albums.


I've done the following to try to resolve the problem:


-rebuild Aperture library

-repair Aperture library

-update all Previews

-delete iPod Photo Cache

-completely restore iPad and iPhone to factory settings and start again.


No luck.  Any suggestions?

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Don't have any solutions to offer, but I sympathize, because I have had that occur in the past.  A few images simply refused to sync from Smart Albums, for reasons which completely eluded me.  Very frustrating!


    The problem seemed to have resolved itself, but I always suspected the problem was mainly with the system-wide media browser (whatever it's called).