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Purchased a new MBA fully loaded (1.7GHz, 8GB, 512GB). Took the MBA to school, where I found the wi-fi was completely unreliable. The connection appears to drop, though the wifi menu bar icon suggests it's still active. If I turn the wifi off then back on it will reconnect, but that's the only fix I can find.


Ran the Wifi Diagnostics, and it produces a report each time, always showing 'Basic Connectivity Failure' in the diagnostics log. These are in classrooms I've been teaching in for the last several years, and my old MBP has no problems with the wifi in these rooms.


In addition to the wifi problems, this machine is also showing persistent video glitching when it wakes from sleep (lasts about a second).


After I had the issues I did some searching and found the widespread reports of wifi problems (as discussed here). I'm still within the return period (have only had it for four days) so am considering sending it back. My question is whether this is a consistent problem across all MBAs, or is it a problem with a small batch, or? In other words, should I return it and order another, or should I give up on the model altogether?

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    Return it within the 14 days period.


    Then think about getting a new one.




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    I have had 3 in a row with exactly the same issues. Nothing that Apple or I have done has made any difference. The genius guys ran diagnostics on all of them, did updates and changes,then gave me another to "try".

    I have been in contact with engineering and had them make changes.....updates,....nothing makes any difference...no.3 drops and lags just like the 2 before.....

    Apple can`t or won`t fix this.

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    Have a look at the following Apple support thread on exactly the same topic, you'll find out loads about this problem and we would value your comments (210,000 views and 1600 comments.........!).



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    It seems to vary depending on the batch.  I bought one MacBook Air (mid-2013) and it worked great. Then it was stolen.  I bought the same thing, updated with my TimeMachine, and I'm having WiFi connectivity problems as described by others.  It drops the connection, and if I turn the WiFi off and then back on, it reconnects, but only for a minute and then drops it again.  Incredibly annoying - now I'm trying to decide whether to return and argue with Apple.  Argh....

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    No, this board is an "emergency room" for people with problems, dont assume anything about any model from looking in here and "testing the weather" on a product.


    Ive had my hands on 7 new macbook Air for testing (and own one) and not found any wifi problems with either home or commonplace public wifi.


    Im on a public wifi in the middle of the Pacific Ocean right now on the current Air with no issues whatsoever and tried same on several 'backwoods' wifi networks.



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    It is hard to tell. If your computer won't connect to WiFi in an Apple Store it is pretty certain we are looking at a hardware or OS problem. Certainly Apple computers should connect to Apple WiFi hot spots. Once we get out into the wild though things become a little less clear. The new Mac Air and Mac Pros are using a new chipset and new faster WiFi. When manufacturers move to a new WiFi standard there are always hiccups. Those of us who have been in this biz for long enough have seen these same kind of problems with the introduction of each new WiFi standard and quite often the problem turns out to be a router whose firmware is out of date.


    This is probably the #2 reason I recommend Apple's WiFi routers to non-techies. Apple regularly updates its routers and sends it to users through its updater system. Third party vendors tend to release firmware updates, put them on their websites, and say nothing about them. It isn't uncommon for me to find a user's 3rd party router to be 3-4 versions behind. What's even more amazing to me is that it isn't uncommon to open a brand new router and find that it's 1 or 2 versions behind.


    This is a long winded answer to say: check your router's firmware and update it if need be. Ask your IT department if the WiFi access points used in your building are up to date.

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    Just wanted to say that I have had severe random latency issues on my Macbook Air right up until the time I disabled power nap on both mains and battery power, not sure if that will help you guys. I hope Apple patch the issue soon but until then for me good wifi performance is far more preferable than having it check my emails while I'm away. Others have had success disabling Bluetooth but mine appears happy with Bluetooth on.