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So every blog and discussion board that I read before I got my new iPhone 5s said that in order to transfer information from my old iPhone to the new one, I should back it up (either in iCloud or iTunes) and then when first actived, pick whichever method I chose on my new phone.  When I got to Verizon today to get my phone, they went past this step in order to get my line switched over.  The guy said that as soon as I signed into iCloud, things would start coming over.  I've seen my contacts now, and my calander settings, but that's about it.  Are apps supposed to automatically download??  Should I be seeing anything else take place (aka be more patient)?  Are the apps not going to download themselves again? Or do I need to reset my device and tell it to grab that iCloud backup again?


Thanks for the help!

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    apps aren't part of the backup, only the app data.


    on your phone go to the appstore - update - purchase - all or not on this phone - hit the cloud next to the app to download it back to yoru phone.


    If you want to restore from your icloud back up then look here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766

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    If when you fired up the new 5S you provided your iCloud account info, and if you selected an iCloud backup to install, then the Apps which are defined by your backup will start downloading.  The Apps aren't part of your backup, but their inclusion on your iPhone is and they should start populating if you indeed backed up to iCloud and selected your iCloud backup.


    In any case, you ought to know where you do your backup (to your computer or to iCloud) and if you've done it both places then install whichever one is more recent.

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    this is exactly what i'm looking for... how / where do i select which icloud backup to install?

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    You only have one iCloud backup, unless you specifically set your device up as a new device and backed up to iCloud (again) under a different device name.


    The choice for most situations is between an iCloud backup and a local backup on your computer.  How did you have your prior iPhone set up for backup -- to iCloud or to iTunes, and which did you do most recently if you've done both?