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Trying to get my mail sorted and using Mail on my iMac im not sure how to add folders and then organise my mail. When i have created new Smart Mailbox emails wont drop and drag into them...so confused. BTW i have the latest iMac and software.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Matt Clifton Level 7 Level 7 (27,790 points)

    Smart Mailboxes are designed solely for automatic organization. When you create them, you set rules, or criteria, which collect your mail into that mailbox. For example, all mail from family addresses, or with the word "Urgent" in the subject line. Because Smart Mailboxes are automatic, you can't manually drag and drop messages into them.


    If you want to manually sort your mail, use plain old mailboxes (not the smart kind).



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    Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8 (35,280 points)

    Just to clarify what Matt posted. There really isn't anything in a Smart Mailbox. It just displays any email that matches the criteria set. Nothing is moved into them nor can you "move" anything into them manually.

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    i am confused.  I have been using Eudroa since 1995. I get a lot of email and i've depended on Eudora because of its ability to automatically sort mail into mailboxes i create.  I had to replace my macbook that is running Snow leopard and just got a new macbook pro with Mountain Lion, which means no rosetta which means no Eudora. So i'm trying to find an email client that can sort all my mail.  Googling this, i read that Apple mail can sort your mail, according to your "rules," and that (if i understood right) after you make a rule telling Mail to move messages containing certain text in the From field (or other options) into a mailbox you have created and named, it will sort your incoming mail from that sender into the mailbox you chose, and it can sort old mail from that sender into the chosen mailbox. Is that true?   I created several mailboxes and sorted some of the mail manually from the inbox (which now contains many thousands of old messages).  I made rules as in the above example. I just did this, so i haven't seen any new messages come in yet to see if it works. What i want to ask at this point is, how would i get it to sort the old mail automatically. 

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    Select all the messages in a mailbox by selecting one! the cmd-a to Select All.

    Then, go to the Messages menu and select Apply Rules.

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    Thank you.  It's difficult because i have thousands of messages that need sorting.   Mail is slow in applying the rules and there's no progress bar to let you know whether anything is happening. I have to do it in small clumps, 20 messages at a time or so.  Eudora did this much faster, more effortlessly and intuitively, more mac-like. I could do 100s of messages at a time.  But things change. I don't like it when things go backward. I don't know why no one else can make an email client like that one.  Research so far doesn't show anything better than apple mail and i'm glad it has the features it has. it's been some years since l last tried to use it and it's much simpler and more functional now, yay.  Thanks for explaining the steps.