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Keynote 6.0 has been a bitter disappointment for me.


Its crippling emsculation from desktop tool to iPhone app has been discussed exhaustively in another string, however there are some basic functions that I am struggling with and for which there must, surely, be some immediate solution. If anyone can help me with the following I would be very grateful.


1. When I installed 6.0 I found that all my fonts reverted to the standard ones only. Is this normal? I have tried reinstalling the additional fonts that I use but whenever I open a new presentation it substitutes standard fonts.


2. All the proprietary colour palettes that I had set-up for specific clients disappeared when I moved to 6.0. It will takes many hours to re-enter every shade using RGB references (I have numerous clients all with unique fonts and colour palettes). Was I just unlucky or has this happened for everyone? I still have the original colour palettes on my laptop (using the previous 09 version of Keynote), can anyone tell me if I can locate the missing colour palette somewhere in the library and transfer them to my other machine for use by 6.0?


3. Navigating up and down pages used to be easy using the Fn and up/down arrow keys. This has been deleted, has it been replaced with another shortcut or is there some other work-around that is eluding me?


4. When I opt to view rulers and set zoom to 'fit slide in window' then open another presentation, I have to do the same again. Is it possible, somehow to set these things as defaults?


5. Is it possible to have fully metric default adjustments for things like text tabs (instead of 1.27cm which, I know, is half-an-inch, but pretty arbitary as a metric for use in Europe)?


I know, I should feedback my comments to Apple, but I am weary of their failure to listen and disillusioned by their obsession with iOS technophobes but, however misguided I think their strategy, I would just love to be able to carry on working with Keynote and Pages.


I must say, having spend the last ten years trying to wean clients of PowerPoint and Word and onto iWork I now have more egg than Apple on my chin.

OS X Mavericks (10.9), MacMini, rMBP, 2x 24" LG monitors.