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My ipod classic 160gb is having problems. Every time I hook it up to my laptop a message pops up do you want to scan and fix and it tells me windows could not check this disk or something along that line. I checked the smart stats for diagnostics and I got these numbers

Retracts: 16

Reallocs: 9608

Pending Sectors: 2648

PowerOn Hours: 786

Start/Stops: 20,230

Temp: Current 30c

Temp: Min 56c

Temp: Max 249c


Any Help? It wwould be greatly appreciated

iPod classic
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    If it is under warranty, bring it in to Apple Store.for the Genius to have a look.


    It would save you a lot of frustration, if you have the Hardisk or iPod replaced.

    The critical numbers, (Pending Sectors, Realloc) are very high, even professional HDD restorer, would give up. The very high StartStops numbers is an indication, that the boot sector, or filesystem is unreadable. The high and weird Temperature numbers is most likely caused by a failed writes process.


    If you are living in a hot desert, the next iPod would also suffer the same fate.

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    Hello 854Trav and Bilbo_Cheshire


    My iPod classic 160GB is having virtually the same problem. It has worked perfectly for months, and all of a sudden it won't sync with iTunes. It won't accept music, and when I delete the music from iTunes and re-rip it or re-download it, it still won't accept the music. Therefore I dont think its the music files that are corrupt.


    My SMART data is


    Retracts: 9

    Reallocs: 16376

    Pending Sectors: 0

    PowerOn Hours: 69

    Start/Stops: 3854

    Temp: Current 27c (I'm in Scotland, and its only about 14c outside)

    Temp: Min 13c

    Temp: Max 57c (again, I'm in Scotland and have barely taken the iPod out of my flat, which I doubt has ever been 57c)


    I have tried resetting, restoring, and uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, and deleting and re-ripping supposed corrupt music files. Nothing works. My iPod still refuses to sync. I've only had it since last Autumn! Any help appreciated.

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    mm90rr, I would suggest that you bring it in to Apple Store for the Genius to have a look.

    But do check your iPod permissions, when you select the iPod icon, is the Music list in iTunes, greyed out or normal black as in the iTunes Music library.

    The Reallocs and Start/stop numbers is high,  The above ambient temperature, (but normal in other countries) is due to the Hardisk and Electronic chips generating heat when they are powered ON.



    PS: would be more helpful, if you can provide more info, like iTunes version, Ipod Software version, Windows or Mac?

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    Hi Bilbo_cheshire,


    I'm using a 6th Gen iPod classic (160GB), only 8 months old and kept out of harms way (barely even a scratch, careful never to have been dropped, and that also reflects why I was puzzled by the high max temperature reading as I have not been careless with it).


    I sync it on a Windows 7 laptop, using iTunes 10.6 (or at least, the most recent one, I always update). iTunes tells me that the iPod classic software is is up to date, so is that 2.04 or something like that?.


    When I connect the iPod, it is recognised successfully by iTunes, and I can start the sync process.


    When I try syncing, it mostly works, until I've synced more than a few albums, then it can randomly freeze up. iTunes still says it is syncing for a while before freezing, but the iPod screen stops displaying the orange turning "syncing" circle and only displays the orange "connected" circle. Eventually, iTunes stops syncing and says there was a problem syncing a particular song.


    After one tech help call from Apple, who said it sounded like I had corrupt music files, I have tried deleting the songs entirely and re-ripping or re-downloading it fresh. Sometimes this works, only for the iPod to then have problems with a totally different song or album that was previously fine and transferred easily.


    I have tried resetting the iPod, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, restoring the iPod, deleting andthen re-ripping/downloading the "corrupt" music files. I have also tried using some other techniques from this forum like scanning the iPod for faults with a few different tools and techniques found in Windows.


    Technically, it is not entirely broken. It will accept some music, some of the time. This morning, it accepted about 200 songs, and some podcasts. It seems to work. But I have about 1600 songs in iTunes, and some podcasts and about 6 audiobooks and the iPod seems to randomly reject some of them each time it syncs.This iPod classic is meant to have a 160GB capacity, but it doesnt seem to want to accept even a fifth of that from iTunes.


    Up until Sunday, it would sync the whole iTunes library (music, podcasts, audiobooks and all), with no problems.


    But now, if/when I go home and try to transfer a few more albums to it tonight, my strong suspicion is that it will freeze up again, and become unusuable, therefore requiring another restore, which puts me back at square one with a working, but completely empty iPod.

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    mm90rr, Thanks for the update.

    The iPod software version is shown on the iTunes summary page.

    iTunes doesn't really goes well with some Windows Apps and plug-ins, normally winsock conflicts, causes partial sync and timeouts, especially data monitiring software like Antivirus and some graphic card driver.


    My suggestions

    1. Disconnect the PC from Internet
    2. Stop the Antivirus, sometime it runs in the background.(so check the Task Manager and ensure no antivirus.is running
    3. Stop software like web broswers, emails, facebook
    4. Connect your iPod  via a USB 2.0 port at the back of your PC and dont use any USB hub.
    5. Disconnect all other USB devices.
    6. when iTunes launches - Restore the iPod (to fix the iPod filesystem)
    7. When restore finish - sync your library.

    If this doesn't work, have the iPod replaced while it is still under warranty.

    Good luck

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    Did you end up resolving this issue ? If so I would appreciate some help. I have experienced almost identical symptoms


    Kind Regards

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    I ended up having to take a day off work and make an appointment at the nearest genius bar. Within 30 seconds the genius said the drive was broken. I was used to the Classic making some noise when the disk spun, but apparently within seconds they heard too much noise and diagnosed a damaged system. Because they could see from the case that it was well looked after with no signs of being dropped or damaged, they replaced it with a brand new one in about another two minutes.


    It meant that the two support phone calls that told me I had corrupted music files were wrong. It meant the support advice to delete all 2000 songs, audiobooks, etc, and to un-install and re-install iTunes were wrong. It meant I wasted days deleting and re-ripping CDs and re-downloading music.


    I was glad the genius didn't quibble and fixed my problem, but it was galling that I had spent about a week being told it was a problem with the music and/or iTunes.


    My advice - next time something goes wrong - go straight to your nearest Genius bar.