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Last night a picture randomly fell off the wall while everyone was sleeping and apparently the corner of the frame got my mac mini in just the right spot. The Apple logo has totally caved in and there's a dent just below it (where the frame hit?)


I only found two replacement housing shells (older models, not sure about the specs and if they will fit or not) but 1. How expensive and 2. I will have to take out every piece inside the computer to replace the case -- A risk not worth taking.


It's not covered under any warranty, I bought it from Fry's 3 months ago. I still have the receipt but obviously they aren't going to help me. Suggestions? I read that Apple offers warranty for 12 months, does that include me buying it from Fry's? If so, will they replace it for free?


And if not.. Anyone else been through this and have any pointers?

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    AFAIK, as long as you purchased it from an "Authorized Apple Retailer" which includes Fry's and BestBuy, the warranty is unchnaged from that of a purchase directly from the Apple Store. I bought my Mini at BestBuy, and it has the full warranty through June 23 of 2014.

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    I'm afraid the Apple warranty will not do you any good.  This is not a defect but was damaged.  You will probably have to pay for the repair.  And yes, to replace the case all the parts inside will need to be removed which is not that difficult (can see on You Tube or OWC site)

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    There's a handy how-to with images that didn't look hard. But in the event that I mess things up, I would be messing up an $800 purchase and be left without a way to work!


    @CFMcBlob, that's what I was hoping... although I did read somewhere about a "limited" warranty and so I do assume that's going to be my end-result. I wonder how much that would be for them to do it versus me buying a hard-to-find part and doing it myself.

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    I'm one of those "OCD" people who can't stand for things to be scuffed or dented, myself. And I'd have a tough time living with this situation, but if it isn't hampering performance, it may be a case of finding a place to move the Mini to, where you don't have to see it, and hopefully where no more pictures will fall on it, and make do with it "as is".




    That's a long time Apple shop in Tucson, AZ. They've been repairing Apple products since the early 90's, and I've gone to them for parts I could find nowhere else. It's just possible they have a case for your Mini.

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    I would think if you want to maintain your warranty

    (which may be questionable since there is physical

    damage to the unit), you would need the repair done

    by an authorized Apple repair shop.


    You may want to check your homeowners insurance

    and deductibles and see if the repair may be covered.