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Im from Norway and just bought the 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch. My router is an Asus RT-AC66U, which should be capable of 1.3 Gbps connection speeds. When i connect my mac to this router on a 5 GHz network with N+AC only mode, i only get a link speed of about 200Mbps, often lower aswell. I was under the impression that you should get the theoretical maximum speed of the 802.11x youre using, as link speed. When i go to "about this mac"-"system report"-WiFi" it clearly says that im connected with 802.11ac. Why do i get such a low transmission rate? Its a problem with bootcamp aswell (Windows 8.1), which leads me to belive that the router mighth be the issue?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    What wireless mode is the Asus router on ? (11n +11ac or 11ac only ) ? What signal strength are you on ? ( Use the built in Wireless Diagnostics tool in OS X) to look this up.



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    It seems that i have found a solution to the problem, but at the same time encountered a new one. The router was the problem. I live in an apartment building with many other students, and there are tons of other WiFi signals from other apartments. The router was in N+AC (there doesnt seem to be an AC only mode as of now?), and the signal strenght was around -40dB (Macbook placed three meters from router with no obstacles in the way). I downloaded a program called inSSIDer for Office and scanned all the network and associated channels and it turned out the router hadn't exactly choosen the optimal channel. When I changed the channel to a less populated one (44), the link-speed suddenly jumped from around 200 to a little over 1000 Mbps. I really didnt know just how sensitive to interferrence WiFi truly is.


    The strange thing in windows though is that even though the linkspeed is great (i get much lower link-speeds in Windows, 400-600 (seems to be stuck at 802.11n in windows) compared to 800-1300 in OSX) i max out at 30 Mbps download (speedtest.net), while upload speeds remains unaffected at 94 Mbps (100/100 Mbps subscription). And when I turn on automatic channel selection on the router the link speed goes down to about 200 again (because of the interference issue), but the download speeds go up to 94 Mbps. This is not an issue in OSX, so maybe its an Windows Boradcom driver issue or something?