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Hi all, I've had a big issue with my iphone 4's music library since upgrading to ios7.


If I manually delete one or more songs from the library, they don't show up anymore in the music app, as expected.

However, when I connect the phone to my pc, itunes believes that the songs are still there. They still appear in the phone music library and, what's worst, if I try to Autofill from my itunes library it tells me that it cannot add any songs because they're already there. Checking the "Replace all items when Autofilling" doesn't help either, because after a brief "updating files" message, nothing happens.

I've eventually wiped out all my music library from the settings menu, and the problem is still there. Bad idea, because as a result I now have no music on my iphone but I can't load any of the songs I own as itunes believes they're already there.


Btw, the reason I sometimes have to delete songs from the phone is that they randomly double when Autofilling, i.e. I find whole albums with each song repeated twice (I think it happens only on albums bought on itunes).


I know for experience that erasing the phone solves the issue, but I really hope there's some other easier workaround.


Any idea?

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.4
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    Hello gselfish,


    It sounds like iTunes is showing songs are on your iPhone, but they are not listed in the Music app on your iPhone.  You have taken some really good steps to troubleshoot this, and thank you for all the information you provided.  For an issue like this, I recommend resyncing the music to your iPhone.


    If you are syncing automatically, resync content to the iPhone by unchecking "Sync Music" and click "Apply,"  then check "Sync Music" and click "Apply" again.




    If you sync manually, delete the music when your iPhone is selected in iTunes and drag new content to your iPhone. 


    You can find the syncing steps in the following articles:


    iTunes 11 for Windows: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad



    iTunes 11 for Mac: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad



    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities.



    Sheila M.

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    Thank you Sheila, that would have probably solved my issue.


    However, in the meantime I've found another workaround.

    In order to permanently remove songs from the phone, I had to delete them from the itunes library. After that I connected the phone, selected Autofill, and finally the songs were removed.

    I then added again in itunes the directory in which the song files were placed, autofilled and finally got all my music  back on the phone.


    Next time I'll probably do as you suggested.


    Btw, I've also probably found out why the songs were doubling on the phone after connecting to itunes. I think it has to do with the fact that I converted some of them to mp3, which left both the m4a and the mp3 version in the same directory. I've moved the mp3 files in another directory, and everything seems to work fine now.

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    Hi gselfish,


    I'm glad everything is back to normal now, and thank you for posting what resolved the issue for you!


    All the best,

    Sheila M.