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Hi - I have a number of projects that were working just fine a few months ago. They are saved onto an external hard drive. These and many other of my video projects all use the same source footage file ("event" in imoviespeak), so the problem isn't the source footage.


When I click on one of these files, the icon blinks as if it were going to open in iMovie 11, but they don't open. iMovie just sits there with its current project list. the movies i'm trying to open don't appear on that list. I've tried drag and dropping them to iMovie in case that might make a difference.


These files are located in a folder on an external hard drive, named iMovie Projects. inside this folder are a whole bunch of projects, mostly different versions of these same projects. Some of them open, some of them don't. the iMovie Events folder contains the raw footage that all these movies use.


I'm really really screwed if these won't work at all. Thanks for any help you might have to offer!


note: I don't remember how I saved them out to the other drive, if I individually clicked "export" from within iMovie on every single one, or if I just copied the entire iMovie Projects and iMovie Events folders (both with multiple files, dozens in the Projects folder) to the hard drive.

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)