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Since the ios7 update, I've  noticed 2 issues with my iPad2.  First is lag when typing on the keypad.. Worst when on Facebook or Internet.  Also noticed battery seem to drain faster tho I've not knowingly changed any settings.  Anyone else have these issues.. Or suggestions to fix them?



iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.4
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    Try reset all settings



    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings



    Note: Data will not be affected but settings will be reset.

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    I am having the same problem, mostly on FB, just starting a day or two ago, although I did the 7.0.4 update a awhile ago. It is very frustrating! I did the "reset all settings" as suggested online and it did absolutely nothing to fix it. It must be a bug because it reminds me of iOS 5... I had nothing but trouble, then 6 came along and everything was resolved. Another problem I have had since iOS7, but can't find anywhere, is issues with the caps button. I know my typing style hasn't changed but seems like nothing gets capitalized now unless I make a real point of holding the caps button until I am completely done tapping the letter key I want. Meaning if I am typing "fast" I go back & look and nothing has capitalized and I have to go back through everything & manually capitalize. Very annoying! (Hope that explanation makes sense.)


    As much as I love Apple, I hate how technology makes their products to become purposely obsolete with constant software updates? My husband's first gen iPad is running on iOS 4 or 5 & can't even be updated anymore & is SO slow in everything. My iPad feels like it is next to go, now with new gens- air & minis.


    Anyhoo, any other suggestions out there?