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I've searched these forums for awhile and all syncing issues seem to dance around the actual issue I'm having.


Currently have an iPhone 4 running IOS 6.1.2. Business is running Microsoft Outlook 2007 and I'm connecting to Exchange through OWA.. I have no syncing issues when creating meeting requests from my phone or vice versa like others have had and I have not had any issues with meetings being deleted.


However, since updating from IOS 5 to IOS 6, I do have an issue where if I accept a meeting request inside of Outlook, it does not sync and clear out the meeting request as "accepted" on my iPhone. The only way to remove the notification is to select the request in the calendar and accept it a 2nd time and thereby sending a 2nd acceptance to the meeting organizer.


I've tried everything from changing Outlook settings in order to delete meeting invitations after acceptance to the numerous suggestions found in these forums though none specifically solve this particular issue.


Any help or direction to the thread where this might be solved would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2, Outlook 2007