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Okay, i've been through a million different ways - files look GREAT, then you load them into Aperture and they look like sh*t.


And i finally figured out a way to PROVE that Aperture is screwing up my files! Here's what I did:


Transfered original RAW files from my Nikon D7000 to a folder on a hard drive.


1. Photo Mechanic: Loaded a RAW file into photo mechanic, it looked nice - exactly like it looked on my camera screen, did absolute nothing to it, exported it as a JPG. It came out looking NICE! Nice soft colors, lots of subtleties, beautiful. Could be a little sharper, but I wanted to make absolutely NO adjustments - since the test was for overall color and image quality.


2. Aperture: Loaded the exact same original RAW file into Aperture and it looked like crap! DARK, muddy, all the subtletiy is lost. I did Nothing to adjust it, exported it as a high quality JPG - it came out DARK and muddy. Ugly!


***????? So annoying!!! This happens over and over and over again.


It's YOU Aperture! Not me!! Not my files! Not my camera - which i've brought back to get checked countless times to see if something was wrong with the camera.


It's really annoying. You have to fix it! There are countless comments online about this same problem. FIX IT!!!!!!!


If you email me i'll attach the two sample files. I did NOTHING to adjust either of them in either program. This is just the crappy dark garbage that Aperture generates from perfectly beautiful RAW files from Nikon D7000 cameras.




- please respond.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5), happens on ALL computers.