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I upgraded to Mavericks but after the install I did not have any of my files. I tried to login under the original user but there is no other User to login. Although, my files are not lost. They are hidden or something like that because when I try to recover files; from my time machine backup I did prior to the upgrade, it says I only have 12gb available out of 160gb. It shows in System Information that the files are still there and I was able to navigate to select my iTunes and iPhoto libraries.


How can I get ALL my files and applications back to being recognized like it was before I upgraded?

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz)
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    If all your files are missing

    You may have logged in as a different user, such as Guest. Open the Users & Groups pane in System Preferences. Your name should be at the top of the user list, under Current User. See also this support article.
    If files are missing from one folder
    Change the Finder view mode; for example, from icon view to list view, or vice versa.
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    I had files that were invisible in the icon view, that still showed in some list views.  The files were there of course.


    I solved it by going to the "view options" for the folder, and changing the "arrange by" settings from "blank" to anything else.  Then the files showed up again.

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    Open Finder.  At the top of the computer screen click on Finder (beside the apple), then Preferences.  A new box opens and you go down to "New Finder Windows Shows."  Default is "All My Files," change to "Macintosh HD" and your lost files may appear.  Mine did.