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this is all I get on my screen when I try and play anything from netflix any ideas on what's wrong?? everything up to date

Apple TV
  • law18 Level 1 (15 points)

    I was having the same problem for the last couple days.  A new update just came out that fixed the problem for me.

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    I've updated again last night still no joy, seems to be a common problem though, the mind boggles as to why an update doesn't fix all apple boxes of this problem or is the problem netflix?? I'm paid up to date to

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    I can play netflix through my phone so the problem is definitely the Apple TV

  • law18 Level 1 (15 points)

    I have two apple TVs on different network providers and I was seeing this problem on both until the update came out last night.  It was driving me nuts.   Bummer that the update didn't help you.   I was looking at other solutions to this issue when the update appeared.    The other common solution that has helped some others who had this problem is to go to settings->general->restart.

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    cheers law18 did the restart as you suggested and baaam it's working , thanks and merry Xmas matey :)

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    resetting helped

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    I wish it helped...it's been happening regularly.  I did a restart and it worked last night.  Tonight I got the same message so I thought, no problem, just do a restart.  I did, and got the dang message again.  Okay, I thought, let's try it again....maybe it didn't really restart.  Dang it...no luck.  Any other solutions?

  • law18 Level 1 (15 points)

    Did you check whether you had an update to apply?   The last time I had a restart not work, I had to apply an update and that cleared the problem.


    I'm still seeing this error once or twice a month as well.   I'm not totally sure what causes it, but the restart has been clearing it for me.

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    Yes, I always check for updates first.  It's just weird that it worked one day and not the next.  All the other channels work so it has to be a netflix/apple thing, as netflix also works on all my other devices. So last night I just airstreamed from my ipad. But it kind of defeats the purpose..and I can't use the ipad while watching tv!

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    Restart .... works for me  ... thanks !!

  • Vernon Seward Level 1 (35 points)

    TThis is only a temporary fix. The problem will reoccur.


    THe the best work around is to simply start the program you want to watch from the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad, use AirPlay to kick it to appletv. Once started on Apple TV it'll play normally.