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Hi guys,


I've found threads about this problem with the Magic Trackpad before, but not really with the Magic Keyboard. Since last night, I've been having the stutter problem with both though. Both are behaving like input devices with a ridiculously high polling rate/lag.


The cursor struggles to move when I touch it, and any keyboard input takes up to a second to register on the screen, although everything I type eventually appears.


Since people having been mentioning it in the other threads, I did not have my Time Machine drive plugged in when it started, nor do I have an Airport or Time Capsule.


I also started using an Ableton Push with my MacBook Pro for the first time last night, but it's not a Bluetooth device so they shouldn't be competing for the same port. And even when I unplugged it and turned it off, no improvement.


Can I somehow check if the problem lies with my Bluetooth signal? What should I be looking for?


Thanks for reading!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)