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I've been having this issue since I updated my iPod touch to iOS7. When I am listening to a podcast, then pause it, exit, or whatever, then go back to the podcast, it won't keep the right position. For example, I was listening to a podcast today, paused it at 1:14:43. Started playing again (from 1:14:43) listened for about 10 minutes, then at  paused it again. I then went to play it again, but instead of starting from 1:24:00, it goes back to 1:14:43. No matter where I am at when I pause it, it starts playback from that same 1:14:43. I can literally just listen for a minute, pause it, press the sleep button, then go to play it (not even 10 seconds after I paused it) and it goes back to 1:14:43. Very frustrating. Any fixes to this?

iPod touch (5th generation), iOS 7