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  • 450. Re: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception!
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    This issue happened for me for the first time today, after 3 years of use on my mac and also running Mavericks for months now.  The one "new thing" I did yesterday was update Firefox.


    I also found this right before the NVDA errors:


    12/10/13 8:50:46.262 PM nobody[5224]: Flash Player Install: Installing Flash Player to /

    12/10/13 8:50:46.266 PM nobody[5225]: Flash Player Install: Performing downgrade prevention check...

    12/10/13 8:50:46.479 PM nobody[5256]: Flash Player Install: Downgrade prevention check passed.

    12/10/13 8:50:46.814 PM nobody[5259]: Flash Player Install: Launching SAU Daemon...

    12/10/13 8:50:46.876 PM nobody[5261]: Flash Player Install: Finalizing Plugin installation...


    That happened while I was away from my computer.

  • 451. Re: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception!
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    It was Flash-related for me (se eposts above) Really annoying and unpredicatable. ClickTo Flash resolved my problems, although not perfect.

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    The problem kept coming back and disappear again. At one point it rendered the MacBook useless. Couldn't even start it anymore.


    I paid about 150€ to have the graphics chip replaced. Works like a charm, no problems anymore. And with Mavericks, I might actually be able to use this early 2008 MacBook Pro for another 2 years or so.

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    Has replacing the graphics card really solved your problem?


    Or is it back again.


    I had my whole logic board replaced for free, but now I have this error. If a graphics card replacement will fix it, I will glady do that.

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    It has solved the problem for me.


    I got it on ebay[1], which obviously only makes sense, if you live in Germany. On the description it says, that they actually replace the graphics chip with a newer version that doesn't have the problem.


    [1] http://myworld.ebay.de/lattakia_pc/

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    Hello All


    Apologies for my desperate attempt to revive an old thread. My MacPro 1,1 cannot boot up via the normal sequence only to Safe Mode. I have done a fresh install of Snow Leopard, but I always get the grey screen and spinning wheel of death when I try startup.


    Logging into Safe Mode then going to the console log I have noticed lots of these:


    kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! exception type = 0x2 = Fifo: SW Method Error

    kernel[0]: 00000069


    Could my graphics card (NVIDA 7300 GT) be at fault here?


    Thank you

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