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So here is the situation.

I listen to podcasts from 6 different providers.

One of these is NPR's On Point podcast.

I use the Podcast app from Apple on my iPhone which is running on 7.0.4

When I assemble a playlist on my iMac from the above sources and then sync the iPhone - all the podcasts in the playlist show up in the iPhone except for the On Point podcast.

Why would this particular podcast not sync to the iPhone?

Any insight would be appreciated.





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    So just to update.

    I still have this issue plaguing me.

    Some On Point podcasts are synced from the iMac to the iPhone some are not.

    There are other podcasts that also refuse to sync.

    Is there a podcast app out there where I could do my Playlists on the iMac as I do now and then sync to the phone?

    Apples' podcast app stinks.