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After three days of uploading, my 106 page 13x10 photo book has still not uploaded to apple.  A spining wheel at the bottom of the viewer indicates that the book is still uploading but no information is provided by the software as to the upload progress or any further information - shame on Apple for such a lazy indicator. 


Appreciate any ideas you may have as to the underlying issues to my problem. 



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 3.06 GTz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    Amazing - I'm trying to spend $200 on a photo album at Apple and I can't get a reply to this from anyone.  Guess Apple doesn't want my money. 

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    my 106 page 13x10 photo book


    How did you get this book to start to upload in the first place?


    Apple Photo Services: Product line details for books, cards, and calendars



    A book can only have 100 pages - The print products store should refuse to upload the book with 106 pages right from the beginning.


    It is hard to make a suggestion where to start - there is so much that can go wrong when trying to buy a book:

    • The book must not have more than 100 pages.
    • There must not be any default text or placeholder photos.
    • The region settings in Language and Text must be correct for the billing and delivery address you are using.
    • Your password and answers to security questions for the AppleID you are using must conform to Apple's security standards
    • Your network must be working, and firewall and antivirus software must not be interfering.
    • Your bok must not contain images that cannot be rendered - is the preview of your book o.k.? (iPhoto, Aperture: Previewing an order in iPhoto or Aperture)




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    Did you resolve this?  I have a really similar problem - my book is 100 pages. The transaction goes through fine, preview is fine but the upload never seems to finish so I never get confirmation email

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    I was able to solve this problem with Apple. The problem was solved once I changed my power settings to not shut down my computer after 20 minutes. I removed all the energy saving settings and let the upload perform during my sleep. When I woke up, I checked the computer and my book was successfully uploaded. This was suggested by apple customer service and it worked. Have uploaded two books since following the same procedure and all works fine.

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    I had the same problem. By loading the free app, Caffeine, I was able to keep my computer from going to sleep which was why the uploading process kept shutting down. It took about 3 hours to upload 220 photos onto an extra large album. You just want to remember to deactivate the app when you're done. It's a small coffee cup that will appear on the tool bar: click it to make it look full and it's running. Click to empty the cup and it's off. Simple!

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    I have been trying to upload my 76 page Photobook for 4 days now. My bank account shows I have attempted 11 tries given it has a pending $1 each time. These will be cleared obviously if not successful. I have tried different times day & night, made sure my mac is not using energy saver to go to sleep, ensured that the Maverick OS has the remote event apple checkbox ticked. I called the Apple Help 1300321456 and they indicated the problem is the server at their end. I have rebooted the computer, and checked as many forums for other solutions. I have created about 9 photo books in the past and never had this issue. Xmas is near ...... - Apple we are not happy customers!!!!!


    Happy Xmas to all of you with the same frustration :)