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Do anyone know where i can get a cheap keyboard on ebay

iBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    An example of how to get some links to check out, say with google search, is a matter of input of the correct words and sift through the most likely results. With the results I also see affilated 'amazon' stores. Since you could be anywhere in the world, you'd have to search for leads from where you are.


    A quick look at results from the use of these words...

    ' keyboard replacement iBook G3 white

    ... shows some, but does not say exactly where they are, their actual condition, or if they are available to buy outright at a set price. And shipping plus handling fees can be lofty cost in itself, & add a lot to the seller's asking price. Be aware of excesses.


    {I've never used ebay or amazon, except to see if an auction or asking price puts the value on something way too high; then I compare to check prices on what people sell their stuff for, vs what they were asking. There is a level of greed in cases where an asking price is based on one high-mark bid that may not have been realized.}


    Hopefully this helps.


    I found several listings, but the price you actually may pay could be several multiples over the asking price one may find online in a bid or in some affiliate's small online 'store' presence. Since you want a good condition working keyboard, if you pay extra to get one like new, it still should be inexpensive because you can order guaranteed working iBook G4s in good condition, as little as $120 online, from a known company. In the meantime, almost any USB keyboard can be acceptable to make use of the computer, however inconvenient. I use one to minimize wear on my portables at home.


    Good luck & happy computing!