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To clarify,  we have about 100 ipads deployed in our district and lots more on the way.  We had just used iTunes in the past to backup one master device with the apps and restored on the remaining sets of iPads.  Obviously we wanted a simpler way to manage this as we are getting a lot more iPads coming in for use in the different schools.  We got a MDM solution (Casper) and started using Configurator.


We are running the latest of Configurator (1.4.2) and IOS (7.0.4).


From what I have read (and a lot at that) I know that there are numerous issues with this setup (hopefully addressed very soon)


Here is my question:


Is it possible to take an already deployed device, loaded with apps (paid and free), back it up in Configurator, and deploy it to other iPads and still get all the apps to come down along with the restore?


Apparently this was possible in the past, I am just wondering if I am missing something.  Any help or suggestions on how you are doing it would be very helpful


Oh, and to clarify, we are using VPP for the apps, just not managing them any where at this time, haven't decided the best tool for that, maybe casper maybe configurator, but we are compliant, only using the same quantity of apps that we have purchased.




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Configurator, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)