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Hey everyone. Recently my iPhone 5 has been really, really frustrating the life out of me and i've come to the point were I now want to smash it against the nearest wall.


My battery reading/life - i'm not sure what the issue is - is ridiculous. I was out yesterday and I looked at my phone, it suddenly dropped from 75% to 30% within 5 minutes - I was only using iBooks at the time. Then I get a warning that my battery life is 20% and when I hit ok it suddenly drops to 3%!!! Another example was a few days ago, I was at the bus stop, my battery was at 40% and then the phone decides to shut itself off and say no, the battery is dead. I get home, plug my phone into the charger and it turns on instantly and says there is 40% battery remaining.. even though it clearly said the battery was dead! I'm very careful with my phone, I dont have too many apps installed and I have notifications for things like Mail/Facebook etc. turned off so i'm really at the end of my tether here.


Called into my local Apple shop as my phone is still udner warranty and they said they have no appointments until after XMAS so I really don't know what I can do to try and get this fixed. Would anyone here know if any solutions at all?



iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3