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I saw iPhone 5s listed on eBay India.  These iPhone 5S are purchased in UK and sold in India.  THe seller is selling these UK iPhones like hotcakes.  He has made it clear that UK Apple warranty is not applicable in India.  But these iPhones will be covered by Sellers Warranty to replace the iPhone within one year if found defective.  He has also made it clear that these iPhones are IMEI UNLOCKED by the respective UK carriers for which a fee is paid by the seller and hence still covered under UK warranty.  So if found defective, the iPhone used in India, will be replaced within warranty and sent back to UK store so that the seller himself gets a replacement from the UK store.

My queries are many.

1.  Is it ok to purchase these UK iPhones?

2.  whether 4G LTE band offered by Airtel and other carriers in India is supported on this UK device?  For 4G compatibility in India, Airtel appears on the list published by Apple.

3.  whether we can extend the warranty (after sellers warranty period) with AppleCare Protection Plan later on?

4.  Is there any loss / cripple in features like access to iTunes Store and App Store, iTunes Match and other services as this UK device is used in India?

5.  Will there be any significant loss in functionality like dropped calls while roaming inside India or abroad etc.?

6.  If the phone needs repairs (as replacement is taken care of by sellers warranty), whether authorised Apple service centre will accept to repair this UK device in India?


iPhones 5S is available in India but costs $270 (about Rs. 17000) more than what the above seller is quoting.  Hence I am contemplating this offer.

Kindly suggest.

Thanks for your help.


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