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The Problem:

When I print to the printer it never connects, just remains in "connecting to printer" for a few minutes until it times out.


Current configuration:

MacBookPro 15

OS 10.7.5

Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS (a workhorse of a printer) connected via ethernet connecter via an inline adapter to today's standard ethernet jack.


For the last several years I have had a few routers, and I have used all of them to connect and print to the LW16/600 (with my laptop either directly or wirelessly connected to the router).

I recently switched to Verizon FiOS, and I've got their wireless router, and that's where the problem started.


I can PING the printer succesfully

I can currently TELNET into the printer

I can see the printer as a device connected to the router by logging in to the router (and the IP address matches what I've set via telnet)

I can add the printer via the IP Protocol on the Print & Fax Control Panel (it comes up as Generic PostScript Printer)


Current settings on the printer:

IP Address: (assigned by me)

Default Gateway: (router address, set via telnet. Note: reports this setting via telnet, but printer configuration page via telnet prints

Subnet Mask: (set via telnet)


Switch is currently in the UP position, and the Printer Configuration page indicates:

Ethertalk: PostScript

NetWare: Off

TCP/IP: AutoSelect

LocalTalk: PostScript

Parallel: PostScript


Any ideas?

Do I need to open a port on the router?

Did I screw up the settings somehow?

Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS