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In the Iphone capacity bar my "other" is taking up 5.80 GB. How do I make it go back to normal (200 mb)?

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    200 MB has NEVER been "normal". There really is no Normal. A new phone that has never been used will have about 300 MB of "other". As soon as you start using the built-in apps Other will go up, because all of your data for built in apps is part of Other. Here's what is in Other:


    • email messages and attachments
    • Reminders
    • Calendar entries
    • Contacts
    • Text messages
    • MMS messages and attachments
    • Genius data
    • Music cover art
    • Operating system settings
    • Settings for all of your apps, such as email servers, user ids, passwords, etc.
    • Safari cache
    • bookmarks
    • Game Center status
    • Music catalog


    Probably a few I've missed.


    You will find posts from people who said they recovered over 3 GB of space by just deleting old text messages.


    If you want Other to be smaller you will have to keep less data on your phone; delete old MMS and texts, delete old email (especially from the "deleted" folder), clear the cache, eliminate cover art.


    Sometimes "Other" includes data corruption. If you suspect this is a possibility try connecting to iTunes and click the Restore iPhone button. First restore from backup; the Other doesn't get any smaller you can Restore again and set up as New, then add your content back separately from your backup.