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Hi. I was recently following this thread (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4144252) to try and make my windows partition bootable. Can anyone help me through it in terminal? I've followed the instructions but come up with a few slightly different results and want to make sure they're ok before I brick my computer.



Printing the MBR yields this output:


Number  Boot  Start Sector   End Sector   Status      Code

   1                     1                           39             primary     0xEE

   2               *     40                       409639      primary      0xEF


I have three partitions- the CCC "backup partition" which  just has mavericks, the mac partition of my hard disc, and the FAT-32 partition of my hard disk. I assume the two listed in the MBR are the first two.


sudo gdisk /dev/disk0

r <enter>        go to the recovery & transformation menu

h <enter>        create a new hybrid MBR

5 <enter>        add partion 5 to the MBR

<enter>          accept the default MBR hex code of 07

y <enter>        set the bootable flag

n <enter>        do not protect more partitions

o < enter>       print (display) the MBR



I have not yet written to disc so nothing catastrophic should happen hopefully.

MacBook Pro