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Two questions, please.  For some reason I still have difficulty easily understanding how iCloud works.  I pay for maximum storage ($100 per year).  I grasp the notion of iCloud "holding" all of my iOS content that I choose (in Settings) to sync with iCloud. 

Yet I can't seem to figure out (1) if I can leave my photos ONLY in iCloud -- to free-up much needed storage space -- or (2) how I can review a directory type of list of what's actually stored in iCloud.


Surely there is a way for us users to see that iCloud does, in fact, have stored what we are paying to have stored.  So I am guessing that I am missing an obvious instruyction somewhere.


If I am missing someting very obvious, I'll welcome your cutting-and-pasting a link or two.  My eyes are glazed-over trying to sort things out. 

Many thanks for your response.


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