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Ok, so I have a set budget. I was going to get the 64GB iPad 4 w/ Verizon, but I can't help but feel like it's just not going to be as good as the iPad Air. Is the iPad Air really that much faster than the iPad 4? Is the speed that much different? That's my main concern - speed. I don't want lagging or freezing or anything like that and I just want to know are they really THAT much different when it comes to it?


My 2nd concern is that if I do get the iPad Air, I can only afford the 32GB w/ cellular. I'm not quite sure if that's enough space either. I don't have many songs to put on there. My iPhone is a 16GB but it's completely full. I can't ever downoad anything else, even when I delete an app or 2 - it's not enough space for new things. I have 6 songs, about 1,000 pictures (the pictures alone take up 3.7GB) and about 88 apps including the ones that come pre-loaded (App Store, Camera, etc.). I'll want to put MOST but not all of those apps on my iPad - I don't really need a lot of music, I have Pandora & Spotify, and I want to watch TV but not download movies/shows, just use apps like HBO Go and Hulu to stream. I like to take pictures, but not sure I'll be using it as much as my iPhone for that.


Can someone help me decide? Is the iPad Air worth getting or should I stick to the last model with more space?

Also, when getting a cellular model, do I have the option of never activating it unless I need to? I read Verizon has daily plans - how do those work exactly? If I went somewhere that didn't have wifi could I just pay for a daily plan and use it for that day/until the MB were used up? Or do I have to have an actual cell plan/contract with them to use the cellular network period?


Thank you for your help!

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    Usage wise I do not see much difference ( I still use ipad 3). Unfortunately Apple tends to retire old devices way faster then Microsoft and then OS and Apps become obsolete. Only with Apple I would go with newest product, just for the purpose of having longest lifetime span. Unless you have someone that you can give it too later and upgrade after a year or year and half. As far as service - I love Verizons 20 dollars a month option, I only came close to 1 gig one month.

    For regular internet needs it is enough and signal is way better then ATT ipad 3.