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My daughter got a Beyonce CD for Xmas.  Her iPhone has its "synced" library on an iMac27 which do not come with a CD drive anymore.


So we go to our MBP and load the CD into iTunes there.   Then connect her iPhone so we can transfer the CD onto it.  But everytime time I try to do that I get the dreaded "You can only be synced to one iTUnes library - Do you want to erase your iPhone and sync to this machine" or something to do effect.


Well I don't want to sync to this computer.  I just want to copy a CD onto her iPhone.


Why does iTunes insist on making the simplest little things so maddeningly complicated.  All I want is a simple copy. 


I have her iPhone set to Manually Manage Music and video on the iMac27 but when iTunes on the MBP says that it is set to Automatically Sync and when I try to change it to Manually Manage it says that it will erase all the contents of the iPhone.


This is sooooooooo irritating.


Thank you for any suggestions!


iPhone 4.  iOS 7  iTunes 11.1  Mac OS 10.8.5


PS:  I tried to do a search on this subject but there are too many keywords and I couldn't find a similar case with answer.

PPS: Are there any good alternatives to iTunes?

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.4, Verizon