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Hi, I have just now updated my iPhone (3G) to ios 6.0 and wish to align new calendar information, business contacts, etc. that are

on my desktop at work to my new MacBook Air and iPhone. This need for syncing has introduced me to iCloud. But it appears

that my iPhone wants to download "push" all its information towards my laptop and I want it deleted!! I want the office computer

and iPhone and desktop to all talk to eachother but information presesntly on iPhone is old old old!! Please assist. Also, if I am

not AT WORK... can using iCloud here at home still effect my computer at work? I am a University Professor woefully behind

and trying hard to get a new semester to be ON TRACK.

iPhone 3G, iOS 6
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    Hi jbarrow,


    You can selectively sync which iCloud services you wish to have on each device or computer where you have iCloud signed on (iCloud must be signed on to the same Apple ID to do this).


    On an iOS Device, go to Settings>iCloud and check the items you want sync'd to the device.


    On a Windows computer, go to the iCloud Control Panel, and select which items you want sync'd to the laptop.


    On a Mac, click on the Apple and then System Preferences>iCloud and select which items you want sync'd to the Mac.


    Whatever you have checked will sync to any other device or computer that has those same options selected. If an option is not selected, it will have to be updated manually or via iTunes.





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    Gail. Thanks but this is not my question. Perhaps I need to understand Syncing more clearly. I have not done any syncing of my calendars or contact lists ever before and it has been a subtle mess. I am now ready to join

    the new century I suppose but I have outdated info on my iPhone and relevant info at Office Computer (not at office) and a new MacBook Air. Since I have never had anything synced before, I want what I put on my fresh

    MacBook Air to be 'top dog' so to speak. How do I make sure that THIS new information deletes the older information on iPhone and not the other way around?  I am afraid to hit Sync on iPhone as this 2012 unused, irrelevant calendar information would mess things up greatly if it tranferred over to MacAir





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    When you indicate you are afraid to hit "sync" are you trying to sync the device via iTunes on the Mac? If so, then you need to go to the device's Info Profile page and make sure that the Contacts, Calendars, and (if you wish) Mail are all currently set up to sync via iCloud.


    Have you already set up the iCloud account on the Mac?


    Then you can sync to the Mac with no fear that any of that information will be uploaded to the Mac via a Sync.


    To make the Mac the system of record for the initial iCloud Contacts, Calendars, and Mail, you will need to make sure that these options are all turned off on your existing devices and any other computer that will be using the iCloud account.


    On the devices, when you turn off the Contacts, it will ask if you want to keep them on the device - say no.


    For the Calendars, go into the Calendars app and click on Calendars at the bottom of the screen. When the Calendar list displays, click on Edit, then click on each individual calendar, and scroll to the bottom to "Delete" the calendar.


    Once you have removed both the Calendar and Contact info from the devices, go into iCloud.com on the Mac, and update them as you want them to be.


    Then, turn on the Contact, Calendar, and Mail options on each device and computer running the same iCloud account.


    What you just updated on the Mac as your initial system of record info will be pushed to each of your clean devices. Then, going forward, as you update the info on any device or computer running the same iCloud account, the new data will be uploaded to iCloud and pushed to all devices and computers on the same account.





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    I wil need to carefully review and slowly process this information but I do believe THIS is exactly what I needed!!!

    Thanks so much. Hope snow is tolerable where you are! I'm an old NewEnglander myself and am preparing for

    bad weather here in St. Louis.





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    Great! Hope it all works well for you.


    We are slogging through, but this December has been bad - we have, probably 4 feet on the ground right now with temps below zero every day....The effects of the 12/23 ice storm have still not dissapated - trees still covered in ice (but the sun has mitigated it a bit - now only about 1/4 inch instead of over a half - so, can't complain! - at least we have power!)


    Hope the weather is not too bad out there in MO....stay warm, and best of luck with your "system of record" process!





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    Hello Gail,


    You assisted me the other day. I have additional questions regarding other computer issues.

    May I direct this question to you? or should I put it on the community site as I did the

    first question???   - - - I'm new to all of this. Previously just asked

    friends when I needed assistance. Becoming part of Apple Support Community seems to be

    a better way. 


    Q: My iCal (Calendar) on my new MacBook Air does not function like the version I had

    on MacBook Pro... it does not have a way to list "ToDo" items. I need this or something

    similar. How do I search for this? -


    Thanks for introducing me to 'the ropes'



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    To Do was replaced with the Reminders app starting with OS X Mountain Lion.  This article gives you an overview of how they work, including an embeded video introduction: http://www.macworld.com/article/1167856/up_close_with_mountain_lion_reminders.ht ml.

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    You are most welcome Jane! I'm glad randers jumped in, because I don't use the Calendar function at all, so would not have been able to help you out with that question!


    Thanks randers!