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After many years of intention, I finally got around to upgrading my server from 10.5 (Leopard) to 10.9.1 (Mavericks).


I kept putting it off because as you know once Apple moved onto Lion, ML & Mavericks, there was no migration path unless you were on at least Snow Leopard.


Anyway, that's irrelevant because I basically did a manual migration, starting off with a new server on Mavericks and manually re-created my user accounts and other services like DHCP, DNS etc. and used the awesome cyrus2dovecot script to move my mail over.


Over-all I'm very happy with my progress, everything seems to be working fine but I have had an odd problem occur a few times now!


When I first completed my migration and had everything working off my new Mavericks server, I did a restart and I had a indefinate Grey shutdown screen.

I forced the power off on the server (big mistake) and when I rebooted, I had lost my user accounts and I had all sorts of LDAP messages in my logs indicating a database corruption.


I tried all sorts of tips from internet research trying to repair the database but in the end the only option was to start over with Open Directory. That wasn't easy to figure out either because obviously Server.app doesn't provide any options other than start, stop and configure, none of which you can do with a corrupt OD anyway!


In the end I found out how to start over with the "slapconfig -destroyldapserver" command.


I was then able to re-create my users in Open Directory and this time I used the archive function immediately to create a backup of Open Directory.


I did assume this was a one off, caused by my idiotic behaviour of powering off the server, although that still bugged me as my 10.5 Leopard Server was never that tempormental!


What really concerns me though is I had to reboot my server yesterday after an update and the same thing happened!!

This time I did not power off the server, I had a prolonged grey screen but I left it alone and made a coffee. When I came back in, the server was off even though I could have sworn I did restart and not shutdown. Either way, I didn't force the power off but when I rebooted, I again had lost Open Directory!!


I didn't mess around with repair attempts this time, this server is now live, so I wanted to limit down-time. I destoryed OD again, which allowed me to re-enable OD and start over again (for a second time!?).

Thankfully, I was able to restore from my archive and not have to re-create all my users but I find it rather alarming that Mavericks is so tempormental with Open Directory.


I now fear shutting down my server ever!!


I'm wondering whether I should try to remeber to stop the Open Directory service before I ever do a server restart.