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Firefox user forum indicates it's an Apple Plug-in, but I cannot find any information about it anywhere. Is it actually an Apple plug-in? What does it do? Does anyone know?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9), Firefox browser plugin-what is it?
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    Hi, I had similar plug-in and my mac performance slow down also, especially when browsing, even when using Safari. Did you experiences these problems also?

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    isnt this just another case of apple throwing something at us with no explanation to serve a purpose that apple has no desire to reveal yet because its probably a test or the beginning of something new and rather than officially beta the project they put users thru beta **** without informing us.  just look at the java transition that was secretly performed on users without warning or explanation for two years and how they kept inserting pieces of java file instructions in otherwise named updates.  this plug-in did not come with 10.9.0 or 10.9.1.  have u ever looked at ur console install log and seen what comes unofficially to ur mac everytime u turn it on?  i tried to get to the bottom of this behavior with the senior applecare team and was stonewalled and once i provided examples they just stopped returning calls and answering emails, even at the supervisor level.  i truly hope someone finds an answer to this plug-in question, but i doubt we will find out until apple decides we that we find out.

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    Thanks, this is a useful answer, appreciated.

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    The plug-in is code-signed by Apple as comming from Apple. Ths cryptographically proves that it is an actual thing from Apple.


    I did some research and found that the plug-in is used to ask uses of other web browsers—such as Firefox—to set Apple‘s own Safari browser as their default browser. The plug-in can open the below dialog in any web browser. However, to execute the plug-in, the user must visit an [Apple] website asking specificially to use it.



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    as far i can remember, apple has made safari the default browser on my macbook pro (i have always run the latest os, now mavericks).  i never ran this program to start the default browser plug-in.  i think its back to my original observation that mac will imbed info/commands/plugins unknown to customers whenever it wants to achieve its own specific goals, or should i say, to make assumptions regarding what is best for their customers. there used to be a command option to use safari as your default browser, during the installation process of a new mac os.  i havent seen that option in a long time.  i wonder why.  the mac geniuses of this community are conspicuous by their absence from this discussion.  somebody savvy out there must read the console install log and know when and how this was installed, and probably alot more.  we all know why now.