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Hi there,


Next week I'm visiting Texas on a work trip. I had intended dropping into an Apple Store and buying a new Mac. The main advantage would be the lower US prices, and as a visitor I'd be able to avoid the sales tax - a double win.


However, it turns out my hotel location and my schedule when I'm there means that I won't physically be able to get to an Apple Store.


I know I could (probably) order the MacBook online via the Apple website and have it delivered to my hotel. But would I then be able to claim back the sales tax at the airport? Would the sale count as being one made in TX?


I guess buying from amazon.com is an alternative, but they don't appear to have the configuration (16GB RAM) available and I understand that sales delivered to TX now have sales tax aded to them.


All I'm trying to do is get the same deal I would do if I was to walk into an Apple Store.



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    the site that you’d linked to states on its Requirements page that “Receipts must be from our Participating Stores”. I am not a lawyer, but since “Apple Store” is listed there rather than “Apple Inc.”, I’d interpret that as meaning that a purchase from the Apple Web site would not be eligible for the Texas sales tax refund.


    Would the hotel concierge be able/willing to arrange the purchase at the Apple Store on your behalf?